The 17 Grooviest Green Foods

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#1 Cabbage: Of course since we are celebrating St. Patties Day we MUST celebrate cabbage! Recently I went to an Irish Pub and ordered corned beef and cabbage, and was horrified to find out that the beef is “corned” because it is brined with corn sized pieces of salt! Hold the corned beef, but keep […]

The Five Best Brands of Acidophilus

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Q. What brand of acidophilus do you recommend? A. Recently independent laboratory testing on acidophilus products revealed some alarming issues with quality control. The problem with finding a good quality acidophilus product is all in the packing and refrigeration. Delivering actual live cultures in capsule form appears to be more difficult then one might think, […]

McInflammation: Are You Really “Loving It”?

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Recently a friend reported over dinner that his inflammatory problem (and let’s just say almost all medical problems are caused by inflammation) was not much better. He said he was diligently taking everything I had recommended, and had only noted minor improvement. Although natural remedies take time, I was curious how the dietary recommendations were […]

Constipation Dietary Guidelines

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Constipation refers to the incomplete (small stools) or infrequent (fecal mass remains in colon longer than the normal 24-72 hours after meal ingestion) passage of stools, as well as difficulty passing stools. The condition can be acute or chronic. Most people experience constipation from time to time, but usually lifestyle changes and improved dietary habits […]