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Letting Go: Danny Gokey American Idol

by in American Sickcare System, Counseling, Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink, Life Coaching, Naturopathic Theory, Preventative Medicine May 20, 2009

Author: Dr. Nicole Sundene Last week on American Idol, many of us assumed it would be Danny vs Adam in the final showdown, until he was eliminated in a sudden and heart wrenching moment. Tonight on American Idol we finally determine the Idol of season eight! Will it be Adam or will it be Kris? I […]

Etiquette: Disease and Dating

by in Fibromyalgia, Guest Posts, Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink, Life Coaching, Rheumatoid Arthritis May 6, 2009

No, no, no… this is not a nag about STD’s and dating today, people! This is a guest post from my favorite Relationship Columnist, and dear friend, “Miss Matchmaker” herself. She has worked as a social worker, therapist, and has been a professional Matchmaker for the largest Matchmaking company on the Gulf Coast for the […]

Doctors Fighting in Washington D.C. to Support H.Con.Res.58!

by in American Sickcare System, Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink, Press Releases, Preventative Medicine May 2, 2009

By Dr. Nicole Sundene If you want to see health care reform, and if you blog for health care reform, please re-post the following press release on your website, share with friends, family, and well…everyone that will listen!  You can even include my introductory spiel, or make your own. Please just share the word! Doctors […]