Kegel Exercises

by in Kegels, Kitchen Sink February 21, 2008

Doing “Kegel” exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor is a simple way to prevent and treat many unpleasant conditions… Stress incontinence There are muscle fibers which form a sphincter mechanism around the base of the bladder enabling the bladder to retain urine even when it is full. When the muscle is voluntarily relaxed urine is allowed to […]

Kegel Exercises for Men

by in Kegels, Kitchen Sink February 20, 2008

PURPOSE This exercise is for strengthening the muscles around the pelvic floor and for increasing the ability to contract and relax these muscles completely. Kegel exercises can help to ease discomfort associated with impotency and will help train the muscles to relax and assist optimally with expulsion of semen. In other words, well-conditioned muscles will […]