McInflammation: Are You Really “Loving It”?

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Recently a friend reported over dinner that his inflammatory problem (and let’s just say almost all medical problems are caused by inflammation) was not much better. He said he was diligently taking everything I had recommended, and had only noted minor improvement. Although natural remedies take time, I was curious how the dietary recommendations were […]

Foods Most Likely to Trigger a Migraine Headache

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Studies show that ingestion of the following foods or substances may induce migraine headaches in susceptible individuals. Fruit: Apple, banana, grapes, melon, peach, strawberries, avocado, citrus fruits, pineapple, raspberry, red plum Vegetables: Carrots, corn, onion, tomato, potato, cabbage, eggplant, pickles, spinach Beans/Legumes: Black eyed peas, peanuts, pinto beans, soy, broad beans Nuts: All types Grains: […]