Peanut free

The Sensitive Chef Cookbook

by in Allergies, Bobbie Laing, Celiac Disease, Cookbooks, Healthy Recipes, Hypoallergenic Recipes, Peanut free, Recipes, Wheat Free/Gluten Free March 19, 2009

By Bobbie Laing Living with food allergies can be a frustrating way of life for many people. In our world of instant everything, from Hamburger Helper to that pre-seasoned chicken that looks so tempting in the frozen isle of the grocery store, it is harder than ever to make healthy choices for our families. Much […]

No More Peanuts?!!!

by in Allergies, Peanut free January 10, 2008

Peanuts are a major allergen. Peanuts (often in the form of peanut butter), because of their widespread use in the American diet, create health problems for many children and adults. Secondly, the aflatoxin content (mold common in peanuts) of peanuts is known to be a cancer-causing agent to the liver when eaten in large enough […]