Vegetarian Protein: Not just for Vegetarians

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Hi Dr. Nicole, I would like to start eating more vegetable proteins and less meat, but am not sure how to do so healthfully.  Do you have any suggestions? Eating vegetarian sources of protein at each meal is beneficial to both omnivores and vegetarians alike. Moving towards more of a plant based diet will aid […]

Fibromyalgia and Vegan Diet

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By Dr. Nicole Sundene “Can the Kitchen Table Cure Fibromyalgia?” When implementing the vegan diet it just might! Research listed below shows dramatic and promising improvement for those with fibromyalgia by simply adopting a whole foods vegan diet that emphasizes increased fruits and vegetables and the elimination of all animal products such as meat, dairy, […]

Vegeterian Sources for Essential Nutrients

by in Vegetarian January 17, 2008

PROTEIN – legumes, tofu, tempeh, soy protein isolate, dairy products, nuts/seeds, quinoa, amaranth, Brewer’s yeast, protein powders CALCIUM – fortified soy or rice milk, milk and milk products, dark green vegetables, sea vegetables, calcium precipitated tofu, almonds, lime-processed tortillas with calcium salts, amaranth, dried figs, blackstrap molasses, carob, supplements IRON – legumes, whole or enriched […]

Vegetarian Cookbooks

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Amazing Grains. Saltzman, Joanne. HJ Kramer, 1990. Vegetarian recipes with whole grains. A great introduction to the many choices of grains and ideas to bring them into your diet. Provides instruction on how to prepare grains. A great resource for people who are wheat or gluten intolerant. Best Ever Vegetarian: The Definitive Cook’s Collection. Fraser, […]