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WELCOME to the Kitchen Table Medicine community!

Our goal here is ANTI-AGING from the inside out by offering practical advice for the busy every day person in weekly steps.

Good food, good friends and good fun are the foundations to a happy and healthy life. Feel free to stop by every day to meet the expert guests, herbs, foods and supplements that grace our kitchen table.

Why “Kitchen Table Medicine”?

When you think about it, the kitchen table is truly the heart of medicine. Good health begins with good nutrition; therefore good health ultimately starts at the kitchen table. The kitchen table also represents another important aspect of human health which is connecting to others. Family time and time spent socializing with friends surround the kitchen table.

Also, we hope that our website will serve as a friendly reminder to sit down at the kitchen table, and enjoy meals rather than eating on the run, at our desks, or in front of the television.

Thanks for stopping by our kitchen table and many more thanks for sharing us with your friends and loved ones.


Dr. Nicole Sundene


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Photobucket Dr. Nicole Sundene, NMD is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor at Fountain Hills Naturopathic Medicine 16719 E Palisades Blvd, Suite 205, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.

She believes we should utilize natural medicines to treat the root cause of disease rather than just treating symptoms, as symptoms are a message of imbalance sent from the body and will persist until they are properly addressed.

For appointments please visit http://FHnaturopathic.com for more information about Naturopathic Medicine services.
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