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WELCOME to the Kitchen Table Medicine community!

Our goal here is ANTI-AGING from the inside out by offering practical advice for the busy every day person in weekly steps.

Good food, good friends and good fun are the foundations to a happy and healthy life. Feel free to stop by every day to meet the expert guests, herbs, foods and supplements that grace our kitchen table.

Why “Kitchen Table Medicine”?

When you think about it, the kitchen table is truly the heart of medicine. Good health begins with good nutrition; therefore good health ultimately starts at the kitchen table. The kitchen table also represents another important aspect of human health which is connecting to others. Family time and time spent socializing with friends surround the kitchen table.

Also, we hope that our website will serve as a friendly reminder to sit down at the kitchen table, and enjoy meals rather than eating on the run, at our desks, or in front of the television.

Thanks for stopping by our kitchen table and many more thanks for sharing us with your friends and loved ones.


Dr. Nicole Sundene


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  1. Do you have any info on Scleroderma?

  2. I have info and opinions on everything! Thanks for asking…I will try to get that up for next Thursdays addition of “Ask Dr. Nicole” if not the following Thursday so stop back by…

  3. Love the website! Good job!

  4. Love your site!!

  5. I’m stuck at work, get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m stuck at work, please get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Erin 😀 We are still working hard on it…

  8. I can write you a note saying you need to be watching who got voted off American Idol this week for “medical reasons”… j/k

  9. Hi Dr. Nicole,

    I came by to check up on my NBOTW and I found a completely different theme. WOW! It’s beautiful.

    The sidebar is awesome. I’m going to have a lot of fun digging through your archives and finding healthy tips and ideas.

    Great job!!!

  10. Thanks Barabara! And thanks for babysitting me 😀 We are still working hard on things…

  11. nice layout , and i’m not mad that isn’t about me 😀
    i do have some questions . will get to you through the contact form

    take care

  12. Thanks for stopping by ameo!

  13. This is the first blog i’ve come across from an actual doctor. And believe me, i come across ALOT of blogs daily.

    Very cool resource, but how do you limit yourself in terms of info you dispense here on the blog? What will you not cover, etc.


    P.S. I replied to your email. Thanxs for the inquiry.

  14. Hi Missy- that is a great question. Obviously I can’t be anyone’s doctor over the internet, but what I can do is help point people in the right direction with alternative medicine treatments that actually work, are safe and effective. There is a lot of hype out there and I am hoping to help diffuse that while motivating people to be healthier with my simple tips and tricks. So when people have questions I can answer them in the comments if it is a simple logistical question. I cannot give out specific advice to individuals (although I am ok with basic food and exercise tips) anything more than that gets written up in a formal blog post to help create a useful archive and answer the person’s medical question in more of a generic manor.

  15. Blog looks amazing. Now my blog is sad and upset for looking so shabby and ordinary.

    I wish I was more clever with technology.

    Promise to write the guest post for you soon. Have been slowed down with son and broken bones. The joys of motherhood.

    Peace, love and chocolate


    Twitter Wellbeing Mentor:

  16. Thanks Carole! Although i can’t take much credit for it because it is all the mastermind of my friend Chris at http://www.mattnutts.com I know the flavor of blog envy well…No worries on the guest post. I will see you over at Twitter!

  17. Great! You know, there really needs to be a push for new housing to include a warm friendly kitchen too. Nothing makes cooking, and sharing good meals better than the ambience of an old fashioned kitchen. Galley kitchens do a lot to subliminally remove the idea that sitting down to a kitchen table has great merit!

    Love your blog and your willingness to help others so much.

  18. I’m still in love w/ your site! =Þ

  19. Nicole,
    I started the YAZ birth control a short while ago. I am 42 and had ben on BC for 18 years, but went off of them for 3 years. 6 weeks into the YAZ, I thought I was going to die. Major depression, tired, agitated, short tempered and at about 5 weeks, my body went hay wire…..fat gain, major water retention – completely disgusting. I stopped the pill in the middle of the second pack (six weeks in). I am now 3 weeks past the stopping of them and I’d like for you to give me some feedback as to what is happening to my body..Fat gain mid-section – a lot! Major bloating. I NEVER started menstruating after I stopped. Am I in Estrogen dominance? What the heck is happening w/ my hormones. I am shocked I have not had a period or at least any bleeding…? Is this abnormal? Any comments you can make would be most helpful..I am feeling lousy.

  20. I knew after a few minutes on this site that I’d become a subscriber and regular visitor. I’ve never seen a blog quite like it — an incredible wealth of information presented in a unique and engaging manner. Thanks Nicole!

  21. Dr Nichole,

    My little girl is 4 years old and has horrible eczema. We’ve been on the elimination diet for 3 weeks. I was wondering if you recommend agave nectar or Stevia as a sweetener to cook with, as I didn’t see it on the list of sugar substitutes. Also, we were wondering about spelt flour. I’ve learned a lot and gotten a lot of helpful info here.

    Thanks so much,

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  23. internal hemorrhoids…

    Great job on What is Eczema, How to Cure or Alleviate Eczema | Diseases and Conditions…

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