Custom Keto Diet Review

An intriguing question arises from one of my pals. She asks me, “Hey, where are all the sexy tight bodies that can be seen on social media? Are they even true? I look and I only see people like me”

And what’s going to help people like them lose weight? And what will keep the gain in check?

As mentioned earlier, my pal is a woman. She is slightly obese. She has been trying various methods and nothing has worked in her favor.

If you are facing the same issues like her , hop on the train . Hop on because at the end you will be getting some mind blowing facts on which you can work and see things change right before your eyes.

custom keto diet

What is the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

This magic plan, which goes on for 8 weeks is a very detailed piece of work. Unlike other plans that include starvation, this plan focuses on making it merrier for the person and keeping it simple and easy to handle.

There are hundreds of other Keto diet plans; what makes the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan distinctive is the way it is guided through every step. Custom meal plans for every single day, how what and when to have which ingredient along with the right quantity and pictures to support. What is the right combination? And basically, everything that you need to keep up your fitness journey for 8 weeks and even after achieving your goal.

Everything will be tailor-made after a check of your vital statuses like your daily physical work, weight, type of physique and very importantly your goals.

This Diet focuses more on how you eat, when to eat and what to eat? Consider it a switch in your way of living like throwing away the unnecessary stuff in your living room and rearranging to make it more functional and create space. That is exactly why you will be given specially made meal plans to help you reach your goal. You get a book full of recipes, just for you after the specifics have been taken from you initially. Even though we say 8 weeks, it’s your choice to keep on the path to a keto healthy lifestyle.

Below given are the particulars that you will be provided when you purchase the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan: –

  • Keto 101 video in form of ebook.
  • Keto Bacon magic.
  • Ketogenic Personally suited meal charts.
  • Keto wonder smoothies.
  • Keto snacks.
  • Keto fat blasters.
  • Keto savory consumables.
  • Keto cookie recipes.
  • Keto dessert recipes.
  • Keto secret peanut butter snacks.
  • Keto Choco blends.
  • Keto avocado twists.
  • Rapid keto plans.

Weight Loss Field

Talking about weight loss and how it has been looked at, there is a huge discrepancy in the truth and the general knowledge about it. The general public is brainwashed with myths and scams to increase the profits for multinational companies rather than to help the individual lose his extra weight and make him fitter. If all the guidelines were true, why is nearly 72% of the population of the United States overweight and nearly 50% are obese. It makes no sense.

Role of Genetics

Another huge hoax which makes the individuals moral crash is the unnecessary involvement of genetics in weight loss. Regardless of what the persons state is or genetics is, if you follow a good balanced diet you will lose weight for sure. It’s the Brain game of the multinational fitness giants that a person “can’t” lose weight because of his genetics.

The way to fitness is not a scarring journey.

custom keto diet reviews

The 4 Mistakes Everyone Makes

Mistake #1

Experts claim that staying fit is all about eating substances they claim as non-fattening. They claim this to pause burning of fat and makes you gain fat. Some stimulate the process of burning fat and stabilize your system. This cannot be wholly accepted. In order to cut down the extra baggage a person carries the system shout go through a situation where the calories taken in is less than the calories that is used by the system. This state is called the calorie deficit state. This is the way weight loss occurs

Professor Mark Haub (Human nutrition) of Kansas university put himself through a plan. The initial stage was a gain of weight. Then the cut down was done by consuming Oreos and protein shakes, thereby maintaining a clear-cut calorie difference of 800 less than needed. It went on for two months. Then magic happened! A body fat reduction from 33 % to 30% and a weight loss of 27 pounds.

Mistake # 2

This is for sure not an encouragement to starve yourself. It is a way to slowly get your body into a state of gradual weight loss by cutting down minute portions of unwanted and extra nutrition. A rapid cut in nutrition will lead to huge issues and also permanent brain and body damage. That’s the main reason why low carbohydrate diets work when you diet and you gain the same or more weight once you begin to eat normally. It’s only a temporary fallback.

When you don’t eat proper nutrition and you end up starving yourself, the body recognizes that there is a shortage of food in the future too. Metabolism goes down and the moment you start eating more, the body again starts storing up the lost amounts of weight in form of fat taking in consideration that you will be again starving in the future. This is the main reason behind the proper calibration of body weight, activity and consumption has to be looked into for each person separately.

Mistake # 3

Looking at weight loss, people usually forget to see the fact that every bit of nutrient that goes into your body matters. The macro intake is essential for many reasons and is being specified here. The amount of fat, protein, and carbs are what we are looking at. People look at weight loss to be healthier and leaner while they should concentrate on fat loss. Here calories are important.

The excess of carbs consumed doesn’t help you move towards fat loss, it makes it more difficult.

The insulin spikes are triggered by carbs leading to no loss in fat are in these ways: –

  • Excess quantities of insulin stun the release of fat from its cells thereby making fat not     available to burn.
  • Excess insulin levels make the cells in which fat is stored, unavailable to be burnt and to be deposited in areas like belly, thighs and hips. This is the main cause for insulin to be called the “fat storage hormone “and why consumption of carbs makes fat loss tough. This reason is only one among many. Regulating intake of macro is necessary for a lot of other facts.

This is where the 8-week Keto plan will provide you with assistance to make your diet easy and make you feel full rather than starved.

Mistake # 4

To follow certain diets, it takes high determination and discipline. Controlling yourself from gorging on your favorite dish makes you unhappy and when you get the chance you will pounce on that slice of cake. The results are temporary and will stay only as long as you keep yourself away from barred food and will return right where you are the moment you begin to eat it again.

Accept that it is difficult to diet. Also accept that you are restricting your body from having the things that it craves and you will find your body unhappy. When your body is unhappy, your mind is unhappy. Then sometime down the line all of that mental and physical tension creates ripples which cause you to return to eating stuff that you like which again causes your body to regain the weight that you lost.

The 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan – The Solution

The only way to tackle this sort of a situation is to surrender to the keto plan.

It takes your taste, body physicality and goals into consideration thereby creating a path exclusively for you to walk on and follow. Work that has specific goals set for you and you only also taking into consideration that it is easy, happy to follow, and pocket friendly.

This will contain proper amounts of charted food that your body needs in micro and macro terms. There will be no restrictions and no fear of the process being useless. Finally, a plan that works in your favor

How is the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan Different?

The 8-week Keto plan works this way. It proved you with high dietary fat, very low amount of carbs and an average quantity of protein.

Steak roasted in butter and garnished with garlic – makes your mouth water, right? Yes, you can have it and not gain any weight.

Explaining Ketosis

The reduction of intake of carbs into your body puts the body into ketosis. And when your body doesn’t get glucose from the usually consumed carbs they start looking for and alternative energy source for its every day functions. And since brain tissues can’t consume fat for their work, they look for a substitute called as ketones.

Ketones, being a chemical produced by the human body, in the liver especially when there is a shortage of glucose production. Hence, the brain uses this to function making it a win-win situation for the body.

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Why You Should Follow a Keto Diet – 6 Reasons

Ketosis is a boon for those who want fat loss. Given are 6 main causes as to why you have to follow this plan: –

Fat Burning Enhancement– Now, you already know that insulin increases fat deposits all over the body, Ketosis checks that by decreasing the levels of insulin which makes energy into fats. Now, there is an enhancement in fat burning which is very helpful in fat loss.

Easy Diet Plan – A plan which is enjoyable, easy top discipline and satisfying. That’s how the 8-week keto diet is described best. Eggs, cheese, steak and bacon is extremely delicious and if it comes in a diet, boom! You are sorted.

Curbed Hunger Pangs – The main objective of any meal plan is to see the person following the plan happy so that there is no stress in the body which also holds on to fat by producing cortisol. In this plan the hunger cravings are non-existent, which makes it easy to keep in track with and checks your hunger as you are eating more fat and protein. At then of the day you will feel fantastic and look hot.

No Exercising – What happens to the majority of the population is that they are very lethargic to get off of their asses and go do the workout. This results in the piling up od fat in areas of body that are very tough to get out. Then there is the agenda of how the health industry wants to let you see what fitness is. They do not tell you that it’s not the workouts entirely that shape your body but it is the food that you consume. With keto on your side, you don’t need to exercise until you wanted muscle. This plan will make you feel more alive and active so that you can enjoy your day to day activities and also boost your sex life. You will be cutting fat from your system even if you don’t do any exercise.

Healthy and Safe –With the start of this 8-week program you not only take care of your stubborn fat, but it also increases your total well-being. It decreases the chances of cardio vascular diseases and helps in the production of good cholesterol. Some other features are that an individual’s state of mind gets better. It helps people solve their diabetes related problems, reduces anxiety, deals with curbing depression and even cancer formation.

Quick Weight Loss – With the 8-week keto plan, you don’t need to worry about missing nutrients in your body. It will be managed and you don’t have to be in the constant fear of dieting.

The Comprehensive 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

With your 8-week Keto meal plan you will get a lot of expert guidance: –

  • A Complete Meal Plan– The plan is formulated by expert nutritionists, food masters and athletes that will ensure you succeed in your endeavor.
  • An Optimized Plan with Special Consideration Towards Macros and Intake of Calorie – A well balanced diet with the inclusion of all the micro and macro nutrients and keeping the calories in mind will be custom designed for the person who enrolls with the fitness plan.
  • Tasty Meals with Special Regard for Your Eating Preference – With mouthwatering food on the menu, you will not feel like you are missing out on any food item. You will feel great in following the menu proposed and won’t have to feel terrorized by the thought of starvation·

Meal Customization – One of the best things about the 8-week Keto Plan is that it is entirely customizable according to the persons taste. Like if you don’t like eggs, there are ways to replace that in your personal plan.

Food Variation – The menu made for you will be a fantastic set of choices that will help you stay interested in the food and also get the wanted nutrition.

Instructions for Cooking Your Meals –You will be getting a well-planned and step-by-step guided method to cook your own happy healthy meal.

Shopping List – A detailed list of items and their quantities will be provided. This will help you save time in getting all the ingredients for cooking in one place without running to different places. And this list you can easily download from the internet.

Benefits of the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

In the market, there are probably 100’s of other keto diets, but what makes this one special is that this plan is self-driven. You are the controller of the plan. It’s going to be you, the ingredients and your kitchen. It slowly guides you and shows you how to be fit and have a beautiful lifestyle. It guides you onto how you should and where you should head in terms of achieving your set goals

You get perfectly set out ingredients, ratios and recipes of how, what and when to cook your own meal. You get pictures and nutritional values in detail with equal alternatives for ingredients which you might dislike or have an issue towards it. You are provided with a good amount of other literary material to guide you through your entire life of healthy eating and not just the 8 weeks.

One of the best parts about this 8-week diet plan is that the designer of this plan provides you with a 60-day cash back plan which will help you more. If you have a problem or a serious road block with the plan you can always get the cash back.

Downside of the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

The diet is available online, there are no shipping charges, the ingredients and methods are well taken care of. There is proper guidance in how to follow the plan along with a 60-day cash back policy. Basically, saying that the plan has absolutely no disadvantage at all. 

Price of the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

According to today’s rates, consultation with a nutrition expert is very expensive. they charge $500 – $1000 for a personal meal plan and extra for constant check-in and iteration of the plan according to those checks. Now imagine you being a person who has put in for all of the above costs and still have no results.

At $37 this 8-Week keto diet is one heck of a bargain. A meal plan which sets everything straight for that price is just wonderful.

Money Back Guarantee

The plan is ready to go with a 60-day refund policy. It’s available in such a way that if in case you are not satisfied with the plan or how it works for you, you can always have your money back. One email sent and cash back in the wallet.

custom keto diet review

Who Is This Plan Not For?

This plan is not for the below mentioned masses: –

  • If you have everything set but can’t seem to do anything about your weight;
  • If you would like to listen to yourself rather than an educated nutritionist;
  • If you are in to follow the world like sheep and still complain about no results. 


Kate ~ I came across this plan completely out of random web searching, I was skeptic at once but when I saw the price I thought I’d give it a go. And what a brilliant choice that was. I was amazed by the effect of the program and guess what?! Now my whole family is using it and everyone seems really happy in general and also in results.

Jessica ~ My life has been a wreck due to my extra weight. I couldn’t go dancing. I could not wear my heels. My boyfriend and I had issues while having sex. This put me in depression. I tried many methods and nothing worked. One final day my friend Anna introduced me to this plan and it has worked wonders for me. It has been four months and have lost 29 pounds till date. all my mood issues are resolved and my life is exactly how I wanted it to be at this age.

Conclusion-The Final Verdict

If the individual has a wish to lose weight in a healthy manner 8-week Keto program is the best way to go. No other program provides an open guarantee of 2 months. With a price of $37 for a lifestyle change, the Keto program is possibly the best plans allowing you to lose weight in a very healthy manner. So, are you ready to act rather than think?

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