Halki Diabetes Remedy Review

When there is an alleviated amount of glucose in your blood, this condition is medically termed as diabetes

Expanding a little bit more on the topic of diabetes, it is considered to be of 3 variations – the first one being pre-diabetes, then comes Type 1 diabetes, and then comes Type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the condition in which the individuals blood glucose levels are spiked and above normal, but is not as high as it needs to be to put the individual under the term “diabetic”. Having the pre-diabetic stage puts the person at risk of getting the second variation of diabetes, that is the Type 2 diabetes.

When the sugar levels in the blood are spiked and stays spiked for a long duration of time, the risk of severe health issues are very prominent. The condition of diabetes causes serious damage to the kidneys, the vision of the person that is the eyes and also the nerve system of the person. The condition can also lead to stroke, amputation of limbs succumbed to infection and also serious cardio vascular diseases.

The spiking of blood glucose in women going through their term of pregnancy is termed as gestational diabetes.

The condition of diabetes can be determined with the help of a blood check-up. Your physician or medical consultant will direct you to a HbA1c test to see how you are coping with the ailment. To cope with the disease and to be physically stable, people with the condition were advised to follow a pre-planned diet along with good amounts of physical activity prescribed by the physician, but this is the process that a lot of people followed before being aware of the Halki Diabetes Treatment.

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What is Halki Diabetes Remedy?

Halki is geographically located in a minuscule island in the vicinity of Greece. The inhabitants of this area were never bothered by hyperglycemia due to the fact that they ate something particular. The particular treatment is attaining vast amounts of recognition and is now being mentioned as the solution for the Type 2 diabetes condition.

The treatment structures itself on the base that it’s because of certain contagions that there is the ailment known as diabetes. These contagions are found everywhere, it may be present in the air around us, in what we consume and also can be found inside of our houses even if we have installed the best available air purification systems in the market. Eric Whitfield, the God Father of the Halki Program, claims that the best possible method of facing diabetes is through the removal of these commonly found contagions from the body and also adds that after the proper flushing out of these contagions, the person will be cured of diabetes. 

Premise of Halki Diabetes Remedy

This treatment methodology works in such a way that Type 2 diabetes may be mitigated after the proper elimination of the contagions that are found inside the body and the air that is present around us. Eric Whitfield shows us that it is certainly not due to the consumption of carbohydrates or commonly claimed genetics or even the condition of obesity that induces diabetes. He describes it to be the work of a “certain environmental contagion”. This contagion described as pm 2.5, has been closely related to resisting insulin. PM is the short form for the term Particulate Matter. Looking at an article that was published in a well-known diabetic Medical Journal that is the “Diabetes Care” there’s a steady rise in cases of diabetes as the amounts of PM 2.5 increases in the surroundings.

There are other claims also in the picture that is because of pollution that we have the condition of diabetes. And also, reportedly there are other ingredients also causing diabetes and pollution being the main player in the aggravation of it.

The main principle of the Halki Diabetes Control Program is a habit that is followed twice a day for a duration of one minute each. The one-minute habit is a secret Depp embedded in the occupants of Halki island. It checks the entry of PM 2.5 into the body and also repairs the damage due to PM.

To explain the way he discovered this method and how randomly he had come onto it, Eric starts with a story. The character in the story is none other than his diabetic wife. She had got the disease 5 years ago and was prescribed a lot of medicines. Within 5 years, she had gained a lot of weight with constant craving for food. To control the situation Eric’s wife stopped having carbs and went into a rigorous physical regime of exercise and still had no signs of weight loss. Then it happened, she had collapsed and the physician warned Eric that she would shortly go into the condition commonly known as “coma”.

This pushed Eric to venture deep. What he can across left him astounded that he began contacting various physicians. He dove deep and came out with the conclusion that obesity was not the cause of diabetes. Rather, it was the other way around. He understood that the ailment made the individual hungrier and rigorous exercise wasn’t a valid answer to the much-wanted weight loss. To control weight the individual had to first curb diabetes.

When the person visits the physician for a remedy, the only thing that happens is that the amount of medicines prescribed goes up and if the individual was cured of the ailment then it’s the pharmaceutical companies that would take the hit as they would not have any gains from the market. What they wanted to create was a cycle of dependency that whenever the person was ill, they went to a pharmacy and as the aggravation of the sickness goes up, the consumption also increases. This was done regardless of the fact that they already knew it wasn’t going to help the sick in the long run. It was just a “Band-Aid”.

The main issue was entirely something else

What Is PM 2.5?

PM 2.5 or Particulate Matter, as it is known as, is a mixture of liquid droplets and minute particles which are released into the atmosphere by the combustion of fuel related source and industrial sources. These, when released, go up in the air and then are breathed in.

The PM 2.5 are extremely minute matter with a diameter smaller than 2.5 micrometers. Though the size of this matter is minute, the effects are life threatening and can cause serious damage when breathed in or consumed.

halki diabetes remedy reviews

The Three Untruths

Halki Diabetes Program describes 3 huge false statements that are drilled into the head of every diabetic by physicians and the pharmaceutical giants who are responsible for producing medicines. These are: –

The First Untruth – The first one goes like “Decreasing blood glucose levels will curb diabetes”. This statement is widely false due to the fact that the high glucose levels is just a symptom and not a cause. Initially medicines might help but eventually in the long run it only pushes the individual closer towards the injection of insulin.

The result of this a rapid progression of disease instead of its cure. More medical complications are added to the list such as strokes, kidney failure, diseases like cancer and also liver issues.

The Second Untruth – “Exercise Helps Curb Hyperglycemia” is the next lie. In 20% of Diabetes Patients, physical exercise did not support reduction of glucose levels in the blood. The resistance to exercise was built and even if there was progress, the movement make consistent progress and becomes useless similar to the progress by medicines.

The Third Untruth – The third false statement is that “Carbs work against you”. Upon enquiry with a diabetic patient, you will see how they are very much in fear of consuming carbs. Every person stands by the belief that carbs spike the level of glucose in the blood and they accurate. They have the right be scared of that fact. That’s what has been drilled into their brains since the discovery of diabetes

Now it has been found out that it is fat that is the trigger to insulin resistance and not carbohydrates. Commonly it is viewed in reverse. And that is the base principle of many dietary plans such as the South Beach, Atkins, Zone and Paleo diets and what’s common is that they cut a lot of carbs.

Carbohydrates Are Good

Dr Kempner, a doctor came up with an eating routine known as “Rice Fruit Diet”. If it was true that the fact that the increased intake of carbs and fruits filled with sugar would spike the glucose levels in the blood, then there would have been a huge issue. But on the contrary when the test was done and the results were out, the resistance to insulin just improved regardless

Discovering The 1 minute Habit

Through the time of Eric’s wife’s hospitalization, he had to visit Greece regarding his employment. He met with Alexander Doukas along with a 7-man group hailing from Haldi, an Island in Aegis. They were not hyperglycemic, the men. And when Eric asked Alexander, he was provided with a salad dressing which he claimed was the cause behind the people of the island not having diabetes even though Greece was terribly polluted. These were common grocery store ingredients!!!

Eric observed that the men carried the salad dressing wherever they went and added it to whatever they consumed. Regardless of what the food was the rice, salad or chicken, they added the dressing alongside. It was homemade and it was the reason behind them having no diabetes.

The Halki Salad Dressing – Key Ingredients

The recipe as written by the island man had 3 ingredients which were rich in nutrients

These 3 components were: –

  1. Kohlrabi – This vegetable looks something like cabbage and is rich in sulforaphane and glucoraphanin, which are nutrients helping in lung cell repair and preventive in causing of oxidative damage by PM 2.5. When there is less exposure to PM 2.5, the is a spike in insulin resistance.
  2. Marjoram – Marjoram is a very flavorful and used commonly herb in salad dressings. It is another ingredient in this anti-diabetic remedy. It is rich in beta – carotene, which acts against the cause of damage to the body from airborne toxins. It promotes good cardio vascular health and better digestion.
  3. Broccoli Sprouts – Detoxifying the body from the effects of pollutants in the air, it also improves liver function along with reduction of oxidative stress.

The ingredients listed part from these are vegetables and fruits, which are found in Greece along with bergamot oranges, jujubes, herbs, berries, seeds and other ingredients naturally occurring.

The Halkis have passed down these recipes through their generations and all the ingredients in it helps to check the effects of damage done by PM 2.5.

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How Does Halki Diabetes Remedy Work?

Eric got back home the salad dressing recipe to the United States and collaborated with a nutritional expert, Amanda, to create the dressings. When they are added along with the normal food consumed as said at a rate of 2 times a day, the blood glucose levels drop and remain normal.

Halki remedy contains all the essential nutrients that you need to add to your food on an everyday basis so that to keep you sugar levels and weight in check. The time taken for the remedy to show results in just 3 weeks.

The program gives the individual a true taste of well-being and also helps curb obesity, stroke and damage to heart liver and kidney.

The formula of the recipe has been in the bloodlines of the Halkis for multiple generations and it prevents and curbs many ailments and diabetes is one from the spectrum.

Eric has put forth a brief yet fitting explanation on how the treatment works.

All the ingredients and components mentioned in the digital book, contain 8 ingredients that he addresses as the “Diabetes Reversing 8”. It gives you precise ratios and proper amounts, also along with the different mixtures, of the contained nutrients which the human body needs to cleanse out the toxins. This blend of nutrients helps in lowering the insulin resistance.

With his new-found discovery, Eric collaborated with Amanda Peterson (an independent researcher in field of medicine and also a nutritionist) in America to create a special blend using the ingredients having similar properties as the authentic Greek supplies which were also available in American stores with ease. Amanda successfully created a wonder blend which was 4 times as potent.

halki diabetes remedy review

Advantages of Halki Diabetes Remedy

You get the following with the purchase of the Halki Diabetes Remedy Protocol:-

  • Halki Diabetes Program guides and educates the individual about clean and healthy eating, while also explaining how and what the benefits are;
  • With the purchase of the Halki Remedy, you are provided with an essential series of 42 components that Amanda Peterson and Eric Whitfield have prepared, with a proper set of directions on how to make use of it;
  • The proper ratios and measurements for consumption are also provided;
  • Upon the proper and guided use of this program you can see the body detoxifying itself along with fat loss;
  • It guides you how to regulate the hormones and make yourself healthy.

Purchase of The Halki Diabetes Protocol and Price

The Protocol can be bought only at its official web page by the manufacturer. When the order is placed, the person gets the ebook that is available for download from the link sent to the person when the payment is confirmed.

Halki Diabetes Remedy is readily available at a modest price of $37.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The creator puts forth a completely peril-free 60 days cash-back guarantee to go forward and try the program. If the person is satisfied with the results he or she can choose to continue its use. If not, the refund request can be made

As the program promises to provide you with results that you can witness on your own within 21 days, there enough time to try it out.

Side Effects

The program provides you with all the necessary details to deal with the Diabetes and reverse its effects. You get to imbibe and learn a worker mix of ingredients available at your nearest grocery store of which all are 100% organic and thereby cutting short the whole term of having side effects for the program.

Pros of Halki Diabetes Remedy

  • Solely focuses on the ailment of diabetes and the resulting symptoms
  • The formula consists of ingredients that are easily available at your corner grocery store
  • Time needed to mitigate diabetes, 1 minute from your day!!!
  • There is no need to starve yourself or stay hungry or take the risky insulin injections after taking up this protocol
  • The program regulates blood glucose levels 100% naturally
  • There is 60-day refund policy by the creator

Cons of Halki Diabetes Remedy

  • Program is only available directly from the creator
  • This protocol is not applicable for people less than 18 years along with pregnant women and lactating mothers.


Diabetes is a horrible ailment in this present world which slowly gnaws away all the good vigor and strength in a person’s body exposing it to other harmful agents. As per the program the PM 2.5 is the main cause for diabetes. The program hence provides with a recipe that reduces the insulin resistance of the human body.

It is a valid thought to consider how the pharmaceuticals and the doctors have been unable to mitigate the ailment of diabetes by removing the main cause of the ailment. If the individual stops and sees for a moment that the condition of diabetes is controlled and the glucose levels in your blood starts dropping as soon as the intake of prescribed medicines is stopped. So, with the next trip with the physician will only increase the amount of prescribed medicines.

There is no issue with giving the program or its recipes a trial because of the fact that they are all organic. The best-case scenario is that you would be devoid of diabetes or you can claim for the so promised cash-back.

halki diabetes remedy

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