Seal of Approval

The following are all of my favorite websites and people that I have stumbled upon while navigating the “blogosphere”.

Feel free to nominate a site, or ask to be added to this list. Simply add us to your blog roll, or leave a comment on this thread, and as time permits we will check out your site. If you pass the test for being 100% healthy and health promoting (no spammers please) then you will be given our seal of approval!

Be sure to makes sure the seal links back to this page so people know that you are the real deal!

Thanks for blogging to make the world a better place! Congratulations to everyone on this list!

Dr. KC’s Pschotherapy Blog at

Ya-ttitude: Atttitude for the 21st Century!

The Discomfort Zone: A Life Coach’s Blog by Life Coach Tim Brownson

Principles for Peace

This Time This Space

Live Life 365

Success Soul By Shilpan

The Happiness Project

Healthnut Mom Wannabee


Dr. Cason: The Pediatrician Next Door!

Dr. Morrow

Zen Habits

Mindset Mastery By Sean Rasmussen

Creative Journey Cafe

Healthy Living Lounge By Carole Fogarty

My Super Charged Life



Growing Happiness

Depression Headquarters

Seasonal Depression Sunspot

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research News

Herbal News Daily

Diabetes Diet News


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