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PhotobucketAmazing Grains. Saltzman, Joanne. HJ Kramer, 1990.
Vegetarian recipes with whole grains. A great introduction to the many choices of grains and ideas to bring them into your diet. Provides instruction on how to prepare grains. A great resource for people who are wheat or gluten intolerant.
Best Ever Vegetarian: The Definitive Cook’s Collection. Fraser, Linda. Lorenz Books, 1998.
This book assembles over 200 of the world’s best vegetarian dishes from all over the world to celebrate the diversity of choice in a vegetarian diet. Divided into seven sections: Soups, Appetizers, Salads, Side Dishes, Light Lunches, Suppers and Special Occasions, the book explores the various tastes and textures of vegetarian cuisines.
Cooking Vegetarian: Healthy, Delicious, and Easy Vegetarian Cuisine. Melina, Vesanto; Forest, Joseph. Wiley, John & Sons, Inc., 1998.
Featuring more than 150 recipes for wonderful fare from breakfast to special occasions. This book also provides advice on healthy vegetarian cooking/eating every day, plus complete nutritional facts. Eight color illustrations.
Ecological Cooking. Stepaniak, Joanne & Kecker, Kathy. The Book Publishing Co., 1991.
Recipes to save the planet, good conversion tables for food substitutions, information on sprouting and even a section for feeding your pet.
Feeding the Healthy Vegetarian Family. Haedrich, Ken. Bantam, 1998.
Haedrich offers over 250 recipes that consider such important issues as: Does it taste good? Will my family eat it? Can I prepare this in a reasonable amount of time? Are the ingredients easy to find? And, is it healthy and balanced?
Feeding the Whole Family: Whole Foods Recipes for Babies, Young Children and Their Parents. Lair, Cynthia. Moon Smile Press, 1997.
An excellent resource of whole food vegetarian recipes for the entire family. Adaptations for nutritional needs of babies, kids and pregnant women. Nutrient analysis for individual recipes, meal planning ideas and lunchbox recipes. Includes instructions on buying, storing, and cooking beans and whole grains.
Follow Your Heart’s Vegetarian Soup Cookbook. Robertson, Laurel & Flinders, Carol. Ten Speed Press, 1986.
A handbook of vegetarian cookery and nutrition that provides lots of useful information including research findings that support an optimal diet, food group guide for creative meal planning, nutrient needs for all ages and some illnesses, a breakdown of micronutrient food sources, and RDA’s.
Greens Glorious Greens! Walthers, Catherine; Albi, Johnna. St. Martin, 1996.
More than 140 ways to prepare all those great tasting, leafy greens. Arranged in an easy to use, A Z format, this book covers 35 different greens, providing nutritional information, a brief history of each, tips on buying, storing, and cutting, plus more than 140 wonderful recipes.
Glorious Roots: Recipes for Healthy, Tasty Vegetables. Sombke, Laurence. MasterMedia Ltd., 1992.
Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House. Humbad, Sunetra. The Book Publishing Co., 1995.
Simple, delicious Indian recipes including chutneys, salads, grains, and desserts. Also includes a glossary of unusual ingredients.
Introducing Vegetarian Cookery. Westooft, Alison. Ashgrove Press, 1991.
How to make soups, appetizers, main courses, and desserts bursting with flavor, color and texture without much fuss.
May All Be Fed. Diet for a New World. Robbins, John. William Morrow & Co. Inc., 1992.
Information about where our food comes from, how our food choices affect us as well as the Earth, and delicious vegan whole food recipes.
Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook. Murrieta Foundation. The Book Publishing Co., 1987.
Tasty recipes to suit three diets: the purifying diet, the health building diet, and the gourmet vegetarian diet.
Simply Vegan. Wasserman, Debra. Vegetarian Resource Group, 1999.
Very basic and easy to prepare vegan recipes.
Steven Raichlen’s High Flavor, Lowfat Vegetarian Cookbook. Raichlen, Steven. Penguin, 1997.
Beautiful photographs, nutritional analyses and an award-winning cookbook. Most of the recipes are not for everyday cooking but rather for special occasions.
Ten Talents. Hurd, Rosalie. Ten Talents, 1985.
A Seventh Day Adventist approach to vegetarianism. Includes recipes for baby food, food remedies, charts and tables of nutritional needs, food glossary and many simple whole foods recipes. A good beginners’ guide to vegetarian cooking.
The American Vegetarian Cookbook from Fit For Life. Diamond, Marilyn. Warner Books, 1990.
The ‘Fit for Life’ approach to foods is based on the field of study called Natural Hygiene which says that the body is self-cleansing, self-healing and self-maintaining. One of the tenets is proper food combining for optimal digestion. The recipes are dairy-free and there are a lot of vegan substitute recipes and many recipes for kids. The recipes are easy to follow and there are nutritional charts and tables in the back of the book.
The Book of Whole Meals. Colbin, Ann Marie. Ballentine. Books, 1983.
A seasonal guide to assembling balanced vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
The Gradual Vegetarian. Tracy, Lisa. Dell Publishing Co., 1993.
Separated into three phases 1) Chicken, fish and dairy 2) Fish and dairy 3) vegan. Addresses strategies, sweeteners and allergies too.
The Meatless Gourmet. Hinman, Bobbie. Prima Publishing, 1995.
Favorite recipes from around the world – Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, idle East, Eastern Europe, India, and the Orient. Good section on cooking and storing grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Also includes a good list of spices, their descriptions, and uses. Each ethnic section has a page of information on the food culture of that country, plus suggested menus in addition to numerous recipes. This book is not whole food focused but is easily adaptable if looking for ethnic vegetarian recipes.
The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. Hagler, Louise & Bates, Dorothy. Book Publishing Co., 1989.
The Farm, a vegetarian community, pioneered much of what we know about vegan nutrition and soyfoods. First published in 1975, this book has been updated for the 90’s with lower salt and fat. Includes information on to how to make tofu and soymilk as well as other basic recipes for a vegan kitchen.
The New Laurel’s Kitchen. Robertson, Laurel. Ten Speed Pr, 1986.
Vegetarian Times’ readers voted this book the best for beginners. It was updated for the 90’s with lighter and simpler recipes. It includes nutritional information, sections on cooking techniques and menu suggestions.
The Vegetarian Gourmet. Bienenfield, Florence, Ph.D. Royal House Publishing Co., Inc., 1987.
Over 200 low fat, low cholesterol, low salt, sugar free, divine vegetarian entrees including soups, salads, and heavenly, healthy, whole-grain breads and desserts.
The Vegetarian Lunchbasket: Over 225 Easy, Low Fat, Nutritious Recipes for the Quality Conscious Family on the Go. Haynes, Jyoti & Linda. New World Library, 1999.
This book includes recipes for breads, spreads, soups, sandwiches, condiments, main dishes and desserts that are lowfat, tasty, and vegetarian. Her lowfat vegetarian recipes are easy to follow, fun to make, and easy to pack up and take anywhere to the park, to the office, or to school.
The Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook. Editors of The Vegetarian Times. Hungry Minds, Inc., 1995.
Over 400 recipes with many healthful hints.
The World in Your Kitchen. Wells, Troth. The Crossing Press, 1993.
Vegetarian recipes from Africa, Asia, and Latin America for Western kitchens.
Vegetarian Fast Food: Over 200 Delicious Dishes in Minutes. Elliot, Rose. Random House, 1995.
Each recipe in this cookbook is healthy and original, and each takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. 36 color illustrations.
100 Low Fat Vegetable and Legume Recipes. Netzer, Corinne T. Bantam, 1997.
This cookbook features healthy and delicious recipes complete with full nutritional breakdowns on calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol, protein, and carbohydrates. Not only does it provide recipes for soups, salads, and main courses that are entirely vegetarian, it also includes recipes for dishes where beans and vegetables provide a healthy complement to meat and fish.
1,001 Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes: Easy, Great Tasting Dishes for Everyone. Spitler, Sue; Yoakarn, Linda. Surrey Books, 1997.
Here are more than a thousand great tasting low fat vegetarian recipes from appetizers to desserts. Committed vegetarians will appreciate the way each recipe carries a symbol indicating its status as vegan, lacto ovo vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, or ovo vegetarian. Nutritional information and diabetic exchanges are included with each recipe.

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