Wheat-Free Diet

by in Allergies, Wheat Free/Gluten Free January 10, 2008

Purpose: To identify if wheat may be causing symptoms. During the elimination period, wheat and wheat products are completely eliminated from the diet for up to two weeks. After symptoms improve, wheat will be added back during the challenge phase.
Cereals: Hot: cream of rice, quinoa cereal (Quinoa Flakes)
Dry: puffed rice, puffed millet
Grains: Rice: no wild rice but all kinds of other rice including rice products such as pasta, rice cakes, wheat-free breads, rice bread, mochi, buckwheat (kasha), millet, quinoa, amaranth, and teff
Flours: Rice, rye, millet, quinoa, amaranth, teff, bean flours, and tapioca flour
Fruits: All fruits
Vegetables: All vegetables
Protein: Meat: lamb, venison, turkey, chicken, pork, beef. Most of the cooked, sausages (weiner, bologna, liverwurst, lunch ham, hamburger) contain wheat.
Beans/legumes: all beans and legumes. Check labels of canned beans, dips and soups for thickeners and additives. Do not eat canned beans with chemical additives (EDTA).
Nuts/Seeds: All nuts and seeds
Oils/fats: All oils
Sweeteners: Maple syrup, brown rice syrup, honey, sucanut
Beverages: Water (plain, mineral or sparkling), all milks – cow, soy, almond, rice, all fruit juices, and all herbal teas are allowed
Condiments: Check all condiments to make sure that the ingredients are allowed.
1. Do not eat any food that is causing symptoms even if it is on the list of acceptable foods.
2. Use only those foods allowed. READ LABELS! “Flour” usually means wheat flour.
3. Withdrawal symptoms may occur during the first few days or week on the diet. The symptoms usually subside within 10 days. The following may help: drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, buffered vitamin C, baths with Epsom salts or baking soda, naps and mild exercise.
4. After 5 days in a row without symptoms or symptoms have decreased- challenge.
5. If no improvement occurs in 4 weeks, then the food substances were probably not the cause of the problem and gradually return to a normal diet.
Start: Begin challenging after at least 2 weeks without wheat and when there have been at least 5 days in a row without symptoms or symptoms have decreased. Keep a record of both physical and behavioral symptoms.
Challenge: Eat one serving three times a day (1 cup of 100% whole-wheat cereal (Wheatena) or 1 cup of 100% whole-wheat noodles) along with the allowed foods. Challenge for at least three days. Be patient, reactions can take up to 48 hours to begin.
Stop: If symptoms occur, stop the challenge.

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