Liver Support Protocol

by in Detox, Environmental Medicine, Liver Support January 16, 2008

PhotobucketOur livers are responsible for filtering out all the environmental toxins that we are exposed to as well as those that we ingest. Consult with your physician to decide what kind of liver support protocol is best for you. The following is a sample approach to optimizing the liver’s ability to detoxify the body from pollutants and toxins.
Red beet juice (1/2 cup) mixed with carrot juice (1/2 cup) once a day
Dandelion root tea – steep 1 tsp. in 1 pint boiling water for 20 minutes, take once a day
Foods to include – Brewers yeast (3-5 tbsp/day), endive, cucumbers, garlic, onions, artichoke, sprouted seeds, grains, tahini, vegetable products (raw or juiced). No condiments except lemon juice and only a little salt. At least 40 ounces of liquid a day, green juice (can be mixed with some carrot juice). Liquid chlorophyll.
Foods to exclude – all processed and refined foods, salt, strong spices, sugar, alcohol, drugs, synthetic vitamins, fats, oils, non-organic meats and dairy (due to hormones), coffee, heavy starches (potatoes, rice, bread, cereal), proteins, vitamins, herbal supplements, chicken, eggs, milk or milk products. Do not use aluminum cookware.
Deep breathing (10 times a day for 30 seconds each time)
Brisk walk or other exercise 20-30 minutes a day
Sweating through exercise or sauna.
Many herbs such as Milk Thistle have been shown to protect the liver as well as aid it’s natural detoxification process. Consult with your physician to determine if you need to start a supplement routine to support your liver.

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