Vegeterian Sources for Essential Nutrients

by in Vegetarian January 17, 2008

PhotobucketPROTEIN – legumes, tofu, tempeh, soy protein isolate, dairy products, nuts/seeds, quinoa, amaranth, Brewer’s yeast, protein powders
CALCIUM – fortified soy or rice milk, milk and milk products, dark green vegetables, sea vegetables, calcium precipitated tofu, almonds, lime-processed tortillas with calcium salts, amaranth, dried figs, blackstrap molasses, carob, supplements
IRON – legumes, whole or enriched grains, cereals or breads, amaranth, nuts, dark green vegetables, sea vegetables, wheat grass, prune juice, dried fruits, avocados, eggs, blackstrap molasses, Brewer’s yeast, supplements
ZINC – nuts/seeds especially pumpkin and sunflower seeds, beans, wheat germ, millet, quinoa, amaranth, wild rice, collards, yogurt, milk, cheese (especially cheddar), ginger, avocado, Brewer’s yeast, supplements
VITAMIN B2 (Riboflavin) – fortified rice and soy milk, milk and milk products, legumes, dark green vegetables, nori, millet, wild rice, wheat germ, avocado, Brewer’s yeast, spirulina, carob, supplements
VITAMIN B12 (Cobalamin) – milk and milk products, fortified rice and soy milk, Brewer’s yeast, fortified breakfast cereal, eggs, wheat grass, fortified soya meats*, tempeh*, spirulina*, supplements
*analogs may not be as well absorbed
VITAMIN D – sunlight, fortified soy and rice milk, fortified cow milk, eggs, sunflower sprouts, supplements

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