Tell Me What is in your Shopping Cart and I will Tell You What is Wrong with You…

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My favorite thing to do at the grocery store is people watch.

Oftentimes my blatant stares are grossly mis-interpreted when in fact I am simply mesmerized by someone’s cart full of only bacon, yellow cheese, mayo, beer and white bread. “Wow that looks like an eczema fest followed by a heart attack on a plate”, I will silently think to myself as I rudely size up the health status of a stranger.

After years of interviewing people about their diet I have learned that many common disease states accompany the same bad food choices. Classics like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and high blood sugar all have very consistent dietary patterns. When I see a healthy vibrant person in a sweatsuit with a cart full of fruits and veggies, I feel that much more motivated to shop the perimeter of the store and avoid all the processed foods that lie in the “Danger Zone” within. When you think about it the perimeter of the store has all the produce and other whole foods choices. Fill your cart with those choices first before venturing in to the “Danger Zone”.

Avoiding processed foods is not just a good choice for you, but for the environment as well because fruits and veggies don’t come with all the excess packaging. The more we can do to reduce excess waste in our consumption patterns the better it will be for the environment as well as our own health.

So speaking of health, what does your grocery cart say about you?

What do you think I would have to say about your health if I was standing behind you in the check out line?

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~Dr. Nicole


  1. Hmmm – If I told you my shopping cart was empty – what would you say?

    I know – “that the only reason you go to the market is to see which women are looking into your empty cart…”

    Interesting take on the “you are what you eat” theory.

    Though the guy next to me here keeps telling me he is a Roast Beef Sandwich (I went to lunch with him today – he is not far off.)

    I like the “make me think about what I am taking into my body” subtle push there.

    I guess hitting the gym and dropping all that ugly-food is the reason…
    Hmmm food – for – thought…

    Great stuff!


  2. I would say you are the typical bachelor! LOL I guess there are worse things to be in life than a roast beef sandwich. I am always subtley brainwashing you here…just release to that fact and enjoy the ride! Have a great day Benny.

  3. Subtle brainwashing…

    That is dangerous… I am going to have to keep my guard up here when reading your mind… err… thoughts… err… writings


  4. No no no…your brain is in safe hands here. I even took an oath and everything! LOL Don’t you want your brain to be washed clean daily?

  5. My brain is on safe hands… Where have I heard that one before

    A Mind Massage… will wonders never cease 🙂

    I am thinking (and that is because no one is washing my brain daily) that massaging the brain is a definite key to success!

  6. Yep! It sure is. A clean brain is a happy brain. And look I got you to even get your picture up today. What a banner day for cyberspace!

  7. Haha finally another person who fully enjoys people watching.

  8. Doesn’t everyone love to people watch?

  9. A clean brain is a happy brain – shakes head – listens for the sounds – none – whew – good…

  10. Dr. Nicole,

    Hmmm.. I am thinking about my grocery cart. I am a vegetarian so you won’t see red meat but lately I am also very conscious about eating lots of grains. I always loved veggies and salads.

    BTW, thank you for subscribing to my blog. I’d love to see your creative writings on my blog.


  11. I loved this post. I do the same thing and always wonder how healthy the shoopers really are. I admit when my son and husband are shopping with me they sneak junk food in. Great blog you have and I would love to write about it in a few days, ok?

  12. Richelle the Belle April 18, 2008 at 1:57 pm Reply

    What a great topic Doc!

    I have been trying to stay away from things that stay in the PANTRY, and sticking to foods that go in the fridge. If it doesn’t expire for several years, then I probably don’t need to eat it!

    Once after doing dishes at the firestation, I realized that if it dissolves easily in water, it’s probably not that great for you either (white bread, grits, pancakes, etc…)

    ~Your fan always, ME

  13. Sad to say, I shop, just about exclusively, in the produce section of my supermarket. As a reformed junk food lover, this is tough, tough, tough.
    But, at age 82, I am told junk food will shorten my life. I therefore bow to the whims of my peers.

  14. Shilpan- nice work! I would be happy to write something for you, just let me know what… 😀

  15. Robin- thanks so much, and I would appreciate the kind gesture.

  16. Richelle- you are cracking me up. Yes pancakes are water soluble!! Excellent point.

  17. Jack- I am a reformed junk food eater too, and it is really tough. But I can only imagine at 82 how much better you feel from eating all that produce!

  18. dunno actually , i don’t shop that much !
    But when i do that , i just go with the simplest thing to get the food done ,

  19. Ameo- oh dear! I have a real project on my hands now…LOL

  20. one thing in my cart that I know shouldn’t be there is refined white bleached suggar. It’s just so much cheaper than the organic non-bleached. I know there shouldn’t be sugar there anyways but a girl has to have some vices sometimes.

  21. Hi ya! Just found your blog, having seen your post on . I’m vegetarian also, so while I pride our family’s menu of grains, pasta (ok, we don’t always get the wheat kind), legumes, fresh veggies, tofu, assorted soy cheeses and milk — you will see some really bad stuff intermingled (though not quite hidden). 1 box of popsicles (naturally flavored), m & m’s, and coco puffs. I think that you might have figured out that I have a 3 year old daughter. So, though she eats extremely well at every meal, I still give her treats (and I end up having some myself). I’m lucky though, because she loves fresh fruit and in fact declined the m & m’s the other day. So maybe I can just leave those out of the cart next time!

  22. Erin- good job to be conscious of that now…making a gradual transition away from “white foods” is the way to go and is a great long term goal. Many kudos! A treat here and there is not the problem…it is a white food diet that is the problem.

  23. Hi Stephanie- thanks for stopping by! I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule…that 80% of the time you do really well with your diet and the other 20% you just don’t worry about. A bowl of cocoa puffs is not going to kill you. It is a cocoa puff diet that will…right? LOL

  24. Thanks Doctor! I certainly hope one bowl of bad cereal won’t kill me, but when I actually read the ingredients then I have to wonder why I bought it! Hmmm …

    I’m adding you to my list of blogs to read daily. Thanks!

  25. I usually buy vegetable and fish, but my children is always want some meat like chicken and pork, to make it balance I do it alternatively. My children are the only one who drinks milk and other dairy products and I also avoid process foods like hotdog and bacons etc… I only give this once a week. is that balance?

  26. love the title…it is so catchy!

    You have made a passionate case for veggies…..even bringing in the environment into it!

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