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by in Kitchen Sink April 27, 2008


Thanks to everyone for all their great questions!

I am actively researching many of your questions previously posed and appreciate the inspiration to keep on writing.

The whole point of this blog is for people to be able to have a reference point for alternative medicine care that is help and not hype.

If you have not seen a response to your question posted after a month please resubmit it, as it may have been overlooked in an e-mail.

Adding your questions to the comments is the easiest way for me to stay organized with this project and you can do so anonymously if you choose.

Some questions are “no brainers” for me and get answered more quickly than others that require a bit more time or research. Also, sorry about the incomplete e-mail that went out about diets. I am still learning how to manipulate this blog software and the new Diets page is completed now for your perusal.

This week I was able to answer the following fabulous questions:

What Can I do to Lose Weight?

What to do for this red spot on my eye?

Glucosamine, Chondroitin or MSM?

What is the best alternative to using plastic water bottles?

Flax seed Oil or Fish Oil?

What to do for eczema and itchy skin?

What Can I Do Naturally For Scleroderma?

And I was conveniently able to simultaneously answer in one post “What to do for painful leg cramps” and “How can I get my eye to stop twitching?”

Wow what a banner week! Let’s see if next week I can answer more than nine questions.

Thanks for stopping by my “kitchen table”!

~Dr. Nicole

  1. Any dietary ideas for people with multiple sclerosis?

  2. I have fibromyalgia and am on valium, effexor, hydrocodone and occasional oxycontin. My doctor doesn’t want me mixing herbs with my medicines, but he does agree that improving my diet might help. What would you recommend for fibromyalgia diet?

  3. Hi Bobby- Thanks for asking about that! I will be writing up an article for MS soon. Great idea. Take good care! Thanks for stopping by 😀

  4. Hi SA- Thanks for asking about fibro. I think diet is immensely helpful for helping manage pain symptoms and am glad your doctor recommended that. I will try to write on both these topics thoroughly this week.

  5. hello Dr. Nicole, good day i have some query for you, how will you treat the sole of your feet is scaling like of that of snake? what i mean is that is has lot of dead skin… something like that…

  6. Hi Juler- that is a great question…and an easy one! I will post on that this week. Thanks for the question 😀

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