Organic Beauty Salon in Seattle

by in Kitchen Sink, Skin Care June 2, 2008

veganorganicgreenspaandsalonseattle1.jpgOne of my dearest friends in the world is having a grand opening for her new swanky environmentally green, organic, and VEGAN salon and spa in Seattle!

You are all invited!

I know you probably want to fly in from Oklahoma, Australia, and Sweden to attend this important event, which is why I am giving you three full days notice to get to Seattle!

Joene LaBou is an esthetician and her husband Gary LaBou is a hairdresser.

Together they have created a salon that emphasizes the use of organic, vegan, green and environmental products.

They typically cater to high end clients and have a back door entrance for those in need of extra privacy. Don’t be surprised if you see some famous faces in there! However, I think the prices for their services are extremely reasonable considering the amazing service and high quality products you are receiving!

If you are looking for a great place for salon and spa services in Seattle that is dedicated to using environmentally friendly, green, organic, and vegan products, then The LaBou Salon and Spa is the place for you!

The opening is Thursday June 5th 5-9pm, and I will be there to autograph your laptops!

  • To RSVP or book an appointment for their various services simply call (206) 264-7901.
  • The salon is located at 410 spring, Seattle 98104
  • Joene LaBou also has skincare appointments available in New Castle, WA as well for your convenience, simply visit to book an appointment at either site for her wonderful services!

Hope to see you all there!

(Well not all 40,000 of you that might be a tad bit insane! Please RSVP)

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician

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