What is Organic Beauty?

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beautyishealth.jpgThink about it… What is shiny hair? What is glowing skin? What is that sparkle in your eye? All of those things are signs of good health.

True beauty is the healthy light inside of us radiating out.

How can we truly be beautiful if we don’t take care of our health?

According to my favorite teacher, Mary O’Malley, “health is an inside out job”.

Although Mary is referring to mental health, as that is what she specializes in, I believe this “inside out job” applies to our physical health as well.

“Beauty is an inside out job” could also be just as true of a statement, as beauty starts not just with our personalities, but with our health.

Yes, anyone can easily be a beautiful teenager and young adult, but true lasting beauty over time takes effort and investment in one’s self.

Nothing catches my eye like a very well preserved older adult. As a physician I evaluate tons of people, and thus have grown to really have a strong appreciation and understanding for what it means to be a truly healthy athletic, active, positive senior citizen.

When people aren’t healthy they simply just don’t look as good as they could. We all know this. I have seen many once beautiful friends from High School lose touch with their health, and also simultaneously lose touch with their external beauty.

Yes, we all wish we could eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast, McInflammation for lunch, and a large pepperoni pizza for dinner still, but the diet that we once enjoyed as teens is not going to serve us well as adults. Being the most beautiful and healthy version of yourself possible requires discipline. Good health requires discipline. You don’t have to make the changes all at once, and you certainly don’t have to follow every health tip I dispense here, you just need to do your best.

To stay motivated with your health, start thinking now about what your health and appearance will be like ten and twenty years from now. If you hope to maintain and preserve what you currently have going on then you will need to tighten up your health care routine. If you are hoping to reverse a chronic condition or desiring to be even more fabulous then you already are, then you will need to become that much more disciplined.

Discipline for most people does not come easy. Instead of thinking about discipline as all or nothing, try a Buddhist approach to healthy living…try the “middle path”. The middle path is one that is not attached to eating or not eating. The middle path allows us to eat ONE donut from time to time, not the whole box. The middle path does not “Blow It” and start chain smoking again after one cigarette. The middle path is the key to moderation.

If you are concerned about your appearance, then you should absolutely be concerned about your health. Before you further invest in your appearance EXTERNALLY, take the time to invest in your health INTERNALLY with pure clean water, organic whole foods, green tea, flax seeds, and all my other favorite things to help you “unleash your inner fabulosity”.

Thanks for stopping by my “kitchen table”

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician


  1. Nicole, I TOTALLY agree. Those people who feed their body healthy, organic, clean food are ALWAYS the ones who “age” so very well.

    I just got back from a conference where so many individuals that were twice my age had incredible skin, clear, bright eyes and just a joyful presence of them. Part of our whole food nutrition of course, but on top of that following many of the principles you write about!

    I’m a prime example and so are you! McInflammation free! 😉

    We are what we EAT!

  2. Hi Dr. Nicole,

    This is such great advice. I remember saying how my skin dried out so fast where we live, (due to a lack of humidity), but soon realized that wasn’t the problem. I wasn’t getting enough oil in my diet. When I changed my diet, the problem went away.

  3. What an honest, accurate article. When we take care of ourselves, we exude beauty. No cosmetic can overcome the damage when we don’t. I completely agree: Life isn’t easy, we can’t coast on autopilot. Discipline is the key.

  4. Reading your articles is like chatting with a close and wise friend. I’m determined to be a well preserved ie. beautifully healthy older woman and I’m on that path. Granted from time to time I do go off track and eat a donut or drink a coke but I’m being my own cheerleader and encouraging myself every step along the way. It’s great to have you as a friend and teacher. I’m learning so much and loving every minute of it.

  5. Nowadays, people have a different perspective of beauty. You’re beautiful when you’re thin and goes around the cat walk wearing designer clothes and expensive cosmetics. Also, people would easily think that their dried hair, and unhealthy skin can easily be solved by some miracle pill or something they’ve seen in the commercial. I wish those people can read this article of yours.

  6. Thanks Nicole! Boy I needed this. A little too much coffee happening over here. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I completely agree.
    Most people just don’t understand that the way they treat their bodies NOW, will greatly impact their beauty and health inside and out, LATER.

    The sun for instance is a great example. People are so obsessed with getting a tan now, that they just don’t realize that the horrible effects from sun damage will not show up until they are older.

    Of course the same goes for diet.
    Thank you for this wonderful article!

    Doc KC

  8. How true this article is. If you take care of yourself, beauty will follow.


  9. Hi Tim! Doesn’t it feel good to be McInflammation free? I used to eat like that all the time and now I feel so much better without it!

  10. Hi Barbara- good omega 3 oils and plenty of water with electrolytes will keep your skin hydrated in hot weather. You are smart to figure that out on your own!

  11. Hi Dr. Rob- can we coast on autopilot just every other day? LOL

  12. Hi timethief- I feel the same way about you. I enjoy reading all your comments everywhere you go. I just learned something about the whaling problem in norway this morning for instance. I am glad to have a friend that can keep me up to date with the issues I should be concerned and active against. Progress not perfection. It took me YEARS to get off the SAD (standard american diet) and honestly whole foods just taste so much better now. Fake food is disgusting. That diet coke and donut doesn’t even make my mouth water! Hooray!!!

  13. Hi Nedspeed- I can’t agree with you more! People that are too skinny just aren’t attractive to me. I think people look best with a little meat on their bones!

  14. Hi Mark- LOL! Wow disaster everted…

    *ding* another life saved!

  15. Hi Doc KC– Yes. Agreed! And thanks for the reminder that the new problem now that everyone is diligently staying out of the sun is vitamin D deficiency.

  16. Hi Zenplease- Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to become part of my community here 😀

  17. Dr Nicole,

    Wonderful post. Beauty is from inside out. I love this quote of yours, “True beauty is the healthy light inside of us radiating out.” So marvelously said. I’m stumbling it.


  18. Hi Shilpan- Thanks so much! I don’t believe that true beauty is at all about the physical, it is the light inside of us radiating out. A person with a beautiful personality is so much more attractive than one with a negative one. However, for people concerned about their appearance, it is a fringe benefit of being healthy that we look good when we feel good and take good care of our physical health. Thanks for stumbling!

  19. Doc, you keep overwhelming me with your logic.

    I’m starting to run out of excuses.

  20. It is a strange coincidence that I just checked my e-mail and only opened a forward from a very dear friend which basically said the same thing but an abbreviated version. I’m going to send her the address to your site. I also, learned of your site from a SU post in the health group. I guess we learn from coincidences. Thanks and I’m going to subscribe to your letter.

  21. Everything needs discipline in order to success. Health care is just the same way.
    People nowadays pay too much attention to external appearance, like you said, that they forget that your outside beauty will be washed away once old age catching up with you. 50 years ago, there are plenty of beautiful people, now they became old ladies. When you reach a certain age, beauty is no longer important. All you have then is your health so you can enjoy the rest of your life with your family.

    PS: Hi doc, I run a relationship development blog, if you have sometimes, please come by and drop a comment or two if you like.


  22. What is Beauty?
    Discipline for most people does not come easy. Instead of thinking about discipline as all or nothing, try a Buddhist approach to healthy living…try the “middle path”. The middle path is one that is not attached to eating or not eating. The middle path allows us to eat ONE donut from time to time, not the whole box. The middle path does not “Blow It” and start chain smoking again after one cigarette. The middle path is the key to moderation.”””””


    Just found your site: Awesome beyond words. Have all that reading to catch up on.

    Thank You for your site: Joz

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