Cellulite Reduction: The Best Treatments

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cellulitecure.jpgBy Bonnie Pfiester, Fitness Trainer.

Someone once asked me if I knew of anything that would help get rid of cellulite.

I am proud to say I do!

My answer isn’t a cream nor is it a complicated surgical procedure. My solution is something that has been around for years – diet and exercise.


You see, I don’t believe the issue is always the lumpy fat we call cellulite, but the problem can be magnified by the result of muscle deterioration. The unfortunate combination can leave skin loose and lumpy.

Let’s look at the facts. Women who do not exercise lose an average of 5 pounds of muscle per decade before menopause and a pound a year thereafter. Since cellulite is more common for women, this causes a couple of problems.

Each pound of lean muscle lost decreases your metabolism, making it easier to gain weight. If you already have a problem with cellulite, the slowing metabolism will only make matters worse. Weight gain causes the cellulite to be more pronounced as the fat cells grow.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the firm muscle that once supported the skin and fat is now shrinking. Lumpy fat cells are growing and smooth firm muscle is withering away. Have I scared you into working out yet?

Let me encourage you. Although diet and exercise may not get rid of all the cellulite in the world, it sure can make a huge difference. A low-calorie diet can reduce and manage overall body fat, affecting the size and visibility of cellulite.

Exercising to preserve or increase lean muscle mass can prevent, and even reverse, a lot of the problems. Building lean muscle not only increases your metabolism to help fight weight gain but it builds firm shapely muscle to support and smooth out our aging skin.

Some may argue, but I have seen too many transformations as a result of diet and exercise that are undeniable proof that it can work. Although diet and exercise may not always get rid of the problem completely, I bet it works ten times better than any cellulite cream on the market!


Bonnie Pfiester is a Personal Trainer and owner of the health club Longevity Fitness. You can enjoy more of Bonnie’s fitness and beauty articles at .

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  1. Fabulous article Bonnie! And very persuasive, I just started sprinting on my exercise bike as I did the final read on this! I didn’t know women lost so much muscle mass post-menopausally, I have always been concerned more about bone density and flexibility, but this is another important arguement (that actually might motivate a few people) to keep a consistent exercise program.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Now people will be asking if they can buy diet and exercise in a bottle. Why is it so many want instant results without working for it?

    This is great advice coming from someone who witnesses it.

  3. Over the last few years, I’ve become a stern believer in the importance of strength training for fat loss. Cardio alone won’t do it. My wife, as well, has begun strength training in addition to her normal cardio. So, I couldn’t agree more with you, I’ve seen it work firsthand. For me (and my wife) the hardest part has always been diet. This one seems the hardest to control, but with diligence it can be done. Nicely said Bonnie!

  4. I love this! Great healthy and practical advice from one of my favorite bloggers!

  5. thank you all for your feedback …as always! I used to work for a plastic surgeon who told me there was no cure for cellulite except surgery (and he really believed it). The truth was, he had all the best knowledge of plastic surgery – but no knowledge or experience of what fitness could really do for the body. …it only makes sense if you have less fat – you have less cellulite. ….and it makes NO sense why a cream would make that lumpy fat disappear – that’s just plain out wishful thinking! ha! 🙂 You guys rock here at!!!!

  6. Okay, good, but what does a woman need to do, once she’s already exercising and on a nice diet? Sans training for 10 years, what do she need to do to completely remove the traces of cellulite, if she had it? Yoga, massage, thermal training, etc?

    As for cardio training, I have to say that running fast is also strength training. Also, to train the muscles that are in the back, you not only need to run as you do, but to run backwards from time to time. But then again, as a fitness trainer, Bonnie knows it and might’ve mentioned it in the comment.

    • To answer your question Yura, the only way to erase any last traces of cellulite is to erase the last traces of fat. This means extreme dieting, like you’d do for a figure or bodybuilding show. Low calorie, low carb, super-high protein diet. Heavy weight training (keeps the muscles full and firm – filling out loose skin and making for a great shape). Many people are just a few pounds away from perfection. Even if someone is training everyday and eating right, they still can be basically in “maintanance”.. Meaning they are taking in as many calories as they are burning (like I’m doing now). If I needed to get ready for some photos or a fitness model job, I’d have to lose a few pounds of fat which means I’d need to be in a caloric defecit. Once I reach the weight I want and get rid of the body fat, then the key is to MAINTAIN that new weight. This is what we all do wrong, we splurge and go off our diets for a while and the fat creeeeps back on. 😉

      Hope that helps. Bottom line – you can always train harder and diet harder to look better.

  7. I’ve never read even half of this info. It really makes sense about the muscle loss. Amazing statistics there. I really believe that being active and working all our muscles just makes good sense.

    Logn ago the lifestyle that human beings lives: chop wood, lug water, etc. automatically made people fit, but now many of sit a desk typing all day and need to have an active exercise plan. I think varying it can really help people stick to it so they don’t get bored. Also finding things that we love doing that also get us fit.

    Good article. One of the best on this topic I’ve read. Not surprised it’s here on “Docs” site. in fact you and she could pass as sisters!! 🙂 🙂 Both vivacious, smiling and electric energy that is so contageous. Great enery for one teaching healthy.

    Robin Easton’s last blog post..The Healing Power of Thanksgiving

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