My Favorite Health Bloggers

by in Kitchen Sink October 11, 2008

The following are all of my favorite websites and people that I have stumbled upon while navigating the “blogosphere”.

I am officially stamping them with the Dr. Nicole “Seal of Approval” for being 100% healthy and health promoting!!!

Kitchen Table Medicine is still under construction while we are working to handle the dramatic increase in traffic we have been experiencing since early summer.

For those of you that still want to be working on your health and wellness and can’t stand waiting for me any longer—I have compiled this list of all my favorite personal development and health bloggers. Please grab a cup of green tea and enjoy perusing these WONDERFUL sites full of fabulous and FREE information!

Big Congratulations to all the wonderful writers on this list:

Dr. KC’s Pschotherapy Blog at

Ya-ttitude: Atttitude for the 21st Century!

The Discomfort Zone: A Life Coach’s Blog by Life Coach Tim Brownson

Principles for Peace

Miss Advice for healthy relationships!

This Time This Space

Live Life 365

Success Soul By Shilpan

The Happiness Project

Healthnut Mom Wannabee

Balanced Existence

Heal Pain Naturally


Dr. Cason: The Pediatrician Next Door!

Dr. Morrow

Zen Habits

Mindset Mastery By Sean Rasmussen

Creative Journey Cafe

Healthy Living Lounge By Carole Fogarty

My Super Charged Life



Growing Happiness

Depression Headquarters

Seasonal Depression Sunspot

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research News

Herbal News Daily

Diabetes Diet News

Thanks for your patience while we are under construction! We will return to our regularly scheduled nagging

er …health coaching schedule shortly!

Feel free to nominate a site, or ask to be added to this list. Simply add us to your blog roll, or leave a comment on this thread, and as time permits I will check out your site. If you pass the test for being 100% healthy and health promoting (no spammers please) then you will be given our seal of approval!

~Dr. Nicole

  1. Funny- I was just wondering why we hadn’t been receiving your emails. Glad to know it is for a good reason. You have a wonderful website, keep up the hard work.

  2. Thank you for listing me among your favorite Health Bloggers! I very much enjoy reading your articles.

  3. Hey Doc-

    Thanks so much for adding my new blog to this great list of writers!

    I really can’t thank you enough, and hope people will stop by to ask me their relationship advice questions. What a nice page to bookmark and check in on for those days you feel like curling up with a cup of coffee (sorry can’t do the green tea yet)! I am thinking of going organic though. 😛

    Progress not perfection…

  4. Hi Mary! Thanks so much for the kind words and motivation…growth certainly can feel frustrating, but we are almost there with the website now.

  5. Hi Dr. Marrow- it was great to find you and I enjoy reading the research that you find. Fun to have a fellow friend to review research with. 😀

  6. Hi Miss Matchmaker- Well since I forced you to start that blog upon my repeated nagging and insistence it only makes sense that I add you to this list!

    You offer such great advice and have so much to offer to people about learning how to have a healthier relationship. You really help people to see that the only way they can be healthy with someone else is to FIRST and FOREMOST be healthy and happy with themselves. I cannot cheer you along enough. I am just glad to see you putting the time in to it now.

  7. Thanks for the great list Dr. Nicole, look forward to having you back nagging me!

  8. Hey, i heard that you lost some of your research paper. Did you get back ur papers.?

  9. Wow what a fantastic list! I shall read this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your list Doc!!!!

  10. You certainly have a diverse selection of receommendations. It makes sense to explore different perspectives. Everything and everyone offer wisdom to those open and receptive to learning.

  11. Hey Doc Nicole –

    My old famous blog is gone –

    But I have a new format and tweaking it a bit – my new posts will reside here –

    All my old blog posts are here now –

    Love to qualify for your seal of approval 😉

    Dr Ben

  12. A great list Dr. Nicole! I know several of these, and they are all awesome blogs, plus now I have some new ones to check out!

  13. sweeeeeet!

  14. Hi Dr. Nicole,
    Thank you so much for including me on this wonderful list! There are a few here I do not know yet and look forward to checking out! Good luck getting everything up and running smoothly again.
    Gratefully, Jenny

  15. I miss your nagging, Doc. And I have nothing to , uhhhmmm, “borrow” from you for my diabetes site.
    You, know, with all your free time, you’re welcome to do a diabetes post for me. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the inclusion Doc! Much appreciated.

  17. Dr. Nicole,

    You’re a sweetheart to list my blog as a favorite. I hope you are doing well! Thank you!


  18. Lots of good info on alternative medicine on this site. I will be back to read and learn more on alternative medicine.

  19. Hi Nicole,

    Wow, fabulous. Thanks for including me, you rock.

    Just letting you know my link doesn’t work to my blog. I think you probably left out the, the.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  20. Thanks, Dr. Nicole…lots of interesting and useful sites here. It’s going to take a while to dig into all of them!

  21. Hi Everyone! Glad you like the list and being part of the list!

  22. Hi Joe- I am working on some stuff for diabetes right now and could use your help rallying the troops for my “Great Cinnamon Experiment”. Will be in touch asap!

  23. Hi Dr. Ben! Of course you qualify for my seal of approval! I didn’t know you were blogging anymore with the new baby and everything. I will edit you in to the list. Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment. I know how busy you have been lately setting up your new website.

  24. Hi Doxox- Thanks for caring about my research I lost…it was is officially lost, but I went back to pubmed and grabbed a bunch of stuff off the dashboard so it isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Thanks again to everyone for their kind comments! And…sorry about the bad link Carole, I got that fixed! I didn’t have the “the” in The Healthy Living Lounge 😀

  26. Thanks so much for your seal of approval. What an honor!

    I can’t wait to see all the good things to come for this site! You do an excellent job here!

  27. Hey Doc Nicole,

    Thanks so very much for listing me here! That means so much! You’re on the top of my list too! Always!

    Doc KC

  28. Of course Jennifer, your writing is a gift to share with everyone. Everyone needs a little peace!

  29. Of Course Dr. KC! I hope can’t wait until you get done with your movie and have more time to pay to your psychotherapy blog again. I always hear so many positive things about how your articles help people.

  30. Hi Nicole Thanks for the shout out!

    I’ve been working a lot lately and now in a sleepy overworked frazzle I realized the link love! I can’t wait to see the new site!

  31. Thanks so much for having me on your list Doc Nicole! I love your site too and look forward to more great info. from you.

  32. I’m eager to check these out. Thanks!

    I’d love for you to check out my blog… it’s VERY healthy 🙂


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