Orange Patchouli by Aura Cacia

by in Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink May 11, 2009

Personally I’m not a fan of the patchouli smell in general, but thought I would share this reader comment, just so Patchouli has a fair shot in the herbal limelight. ~Dr. Nicole
Hi Kat:
Thanks for recommending some great affordable natural beauty products!
I especially am enjoying the Aura Cacia aromatherapy line.
I absolutely love the ‘orange patchouli’ products by Aura Cacia. Both the body wash and the massage cream. The combination of orange and patchouli is a refreshing earthy mix that wakes me up in the morning and soothes my shoulders at night.
~Stephanie W.
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  3. Hi Stephanie! I’m really glad to help :-). My passion is finding all natural products for our families, because I truly believe that the chemicals found in, well, everything, is partially responsible for the increase in disease and behavioral problems we are seeing today.
    And I love the Orange Patchouli variety – that’s the body wash I’m currently using as a matter of fact!
    🙂 Kat
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