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By Bonnie Pfiester, Fitness Trainer

Some people make running look easy. Who would think such a simple task would be so difficult. I know when I started to run again, I was discouraged to discover just how challenging it was.

Not only was I unable to run very far, everything hurt. My hips hurt, my knees hurt and my pride hurt even more. If I only knew then what I know now, I would’ve prevented injury and progressed at a faster rate.

That’s why Russ Altman, Certified Personal Trainer and Running Boot Camp Coach at Longevity Max Fitness, is passionate about teaching people how to run. “People don’t pay attention to injury warning signs. They continue to run or don’t make modifications,” explains Altman.

One of the common mistakes is increasing mileage to quickly or sporadically. In addition to a good warm-up, Altman suggests only a 10-15% increase in mileage, or time, each week to prevent injury. He also recommends a day of rest between runs to allow your body to recover.

Another common mistake is not having proper footwear. Bill Urban, from the Runner’s Depot, says most people buy their running shoes too small. “When your body heats up your feet swell”, Urban explains. “There should be a full thumbnail length between the toe and the end of the shoe.”

In addition, runners often purchase the wrong type of shoe. I learned this the hard way. As soon as I bought good running shoes my knee pain went away. Once you get the right shoe, you also need to know when to replace them. Shoes are only good for a certain number of miles, much like a car tire.

“Shoes like Asics and Brooks are good for approximately 400-500 miles”, Urban explains. “The lighter you are, the longer the mileage”. For instance, he said my shoes would probably last around 500 miles where my husband, who weighs 185lbs, would need to purchase new shoes every 400 miles”.

Russ Altman is Certified through American college of Sports Medicine and has completed multiple full and half marathons.


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