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L-glutamine and Diarrhea

by in Diarrhea December 9, 2007

Let’s face it, no one likes to have diarrhea. No one likes to even talk about diarrhea. As a doctor how can I even help someone with diarrhea if they won’t even talk to me about it? I have spent weeks if not months combined talking about diarrhea, so please don’t hesitate to bring up […]


by in American Sickcare System December 8, 2007

*Under Construction* Although much of what is discussed here at “the kitchen table” is based off the premises of good common sense backed by the fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and all our other favorite basic sciences, I am happy to report that we are an “evidence based medicine” friendly site. This means that all […]


by in Vitamins November 8, 2007

Gardening is an excellent way to enjoy being outside while burning calories.  According to Lois Sheldahl, PhD  you can easily burn about 100 calories in just 20 minutes of raking leaves and working outside in your yard. For other information on quick calorie burners read the full article here.  Gardening can also be very relaxing […]