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Autism: Gluten Free?

by in Autism, Celiac Disease, Dr. Selena Eon, Holistic Nutrition Tips, Wheat Free/Gluten Free December 5, 2010

For a success story involving autism and the GFCF diet, read Jake’s Story. By Dr. Selena Eon, ND The prevalence of autistic spectrum disorders appears to be increasing, either through increased incidence or through better diagnosis. Currently, there is no known cause, and no known cure. Without a known cure, desperate families are turning to […]

Heart Palpitations and Magnesium

by in Anxiety, Dr. Benjamin Lynch, Fruits and Veggies, Heart Disease, Kitchen Sink, Pregnancy, Reader Questions March 25, 2010

Hi Dr. Ben, Question:I am currently pregnant and have been experiencing heart palpitations. My midwife told me to take magnesium. I have been taking a drugstore brand of magnesium oxide 250mg pills, but I don’t think I’m absorbing as much as I should because I am still having palpitations before my next dose. So, my question is […]