The 17 Grooviest Green Foods

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#1 Cabbage: Of course since we are celebrating St. Patties Day we MUST celebrate cabbage! Recently I went to an Irish Pub and ordered corned beef and cabbage, and was horrified to find out that the beef is “corned” because it is brined with corn sized pieces of salt! Hold the corned beef, but keep […]

Best Vitamin D

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“Hi Dr. Nicole, What vitamin D should I be taking for my seasonal depression, and how much?” The best vitamin D is in a liquid or emulsion form called “calcitriol” or vitamin D3 (not vitamin D2.)  For those of us north of California we need about 1000 IU’s daily, or twenty minutes of sunlight on […]

Zing Bars: Awarded Best Nutrition Bar 2008

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Have you been searching for the best sports bar? Are you tired of all the refined junk, preservatives and other garbage you have to eat while exercising to make your body healthier? Well as an avid mountain biker and endurance cyclist I have tried nearly every bar in the business, and have finally settled on […]