Breathing Exercise: Five Minutes to Zen

by in Stress May 8, 2008

Question: What is the one stress management tool you ALWAYS have with you everywhere you go? Answer: Breathing! Deep breathing is the simplest way to calm ourselves down. I work hard to teach my patients to immediately check in with their breathing when they are feeling stressed. First, sit comfortably in a chair and make […]

The Wellbeing Toolbox

by in Stress May 2, 2008

Recently I stumbled across an article at The Healthy Living Lounge on how to make a “Wellbeing Tool box”. I loved the concept so much that I asked the author to write about it for Kitchen Table Medicine. The following is a very inspiring guest post on self care by Carole Fogarty. When Did You […]

Knitting to Reduce Stress

by in Stress February 27, 2008

How can you create a beautiful and fashionable accessory while at the same time lowering your stress level? With knitting, of course. Research carried out by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine has found that knitting (and crocheting) have been shown to decrease heart rate and induce a relaxation response, much like the meditation […]