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Food Allergy Test (IgG 184 Foods) + 2 Phone Calls with Dr. Sundene $597 Free 1 Week Menu Plan


The IgG 184 Food Allergy Test Kit tests for a vast range of food items included in the comprehensive 184 food panel. These include several items such as nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry, and fish.

Food Allergy Test (IgG 184 Foods) + 2 phone calls with Dr. Sundene. Free 1-Week Menu Plan. Free phone support for diet and allergens 2 months following consultation.

*Phone Support from Dr. Sundene is only applicable to the results of the Food Allergy Test

How to Use the Kit:

  • Take your blood sample
  • Let it dry for 4 hours
  • Follow instructions in the prepaid envelope and send sample
  • Receive a report/call from the doctor in 2–4 weeks


Disclaimer: The following is educational information about food allergies and intolerances and should not serve as a substitute for medical advice by your physician.

The gut is surrounded by up to 70% of our immune system in the form of Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT). When food allergens enter the body, they’re in close proximity with our immune system, causing in an inflammatory overload. This can result in immediate or insidious symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory skin conditions, arthritis, fatigue, and brain fog.

Food allergy tests are often used to determine the body’s natural aversion towards a particular food item. However, these tests are only about 70% accurate if you’re symptomatic, and are ineffective in assessing food intolerances such as lactose or soy intolerance.

The simplest way to go about determining food allergy is eliminating a suspected food item for 3 weeks until the symptoms begin to improve. You can then reintroduce it in your diet for at least three days straight, making sure to have minimum 3 servings each day. If the symptoms return or worsen, then you know you’re allergic to the food. That said, individuals with an anaphylactic allergy shouldn’t use this method and must always consult a naturopathic physician.

The question remains; how should food allergies be tested? Dr. Sundene encourages dietary patients to maintain a 1 week food journal, documenting their symptoms and reactions. This includes asking patients about food items they cannot live without, as these are often the cause of allergy. If the journal details aren’t conclusive, an IgG 184 Foods Allergy Test is then ordered. Based on this, the “Elimination Diet” is suggested.

Many food allergies can be healed by the right guidance and treatment plan. Food allergy testing is particularly useful in treating Leaky Gut Syndrome, where the lining of the digestive tract is observed after the allergy test shows multiple positive food results. Consistently eliminating certain foods from your diet can help the body outgrow its allergic reaction when the food is introduced later. This also helps in preventing new food allergies and dysfunctional digestion.

Get in touch with Dr. Sundene now and order your IgG 184 Foods Allergy Test Kit for effective diagnosis and treatment! She will provide individualized care while detecting symptoms, designing a 1 week menu plan, and helping you heal from your allergies.


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