The Simple Weekly Workout Plan to Lose Weight

There are two essentials for efficient weight loss. A healthy diet and an effective workout plan. While diet serves as the fuel to your body, workout helps you burn calories and get into shape faster. A workout plan enables you to achieve your goals and helps you in keeping the weight off for a longer time. It is necessary to maintain the routine along with healthy eating habits to get faster results. It is necessary to understand that one workout plan may not work for all however, the plan discussed below can give you a push to workout. Changes can be done according to an individual’s needs later.


A great way to begin with your workout is:

Strength Training

Strength training is necessary for sustainable weight loss. It can also increase muscle mass when practiced for a long time. When the body has more muscle it requires more energy to maintain it. This results in an increased basal metabolic rate (BMR). It is advised to carry out full-body strength training rather than strengthening specific body parts as you may miss a day or two of your workout plan and it can cause confusion. Below are given the exercises to practice on day one.

Carry out exercises like bodyweight squats followed by bench dips, planks, and other exercises that can help you strengthen your body.

Cardio Day

Day two is meant for keeping your heart pumping and blood flowing. With the help of cardio exercise, the body can use oxygen more efficiently. It helps you burn more calories and promotes weight loss by helping in maintaining the calorie deficit. Older adults who are overweight can also go for cardio exercises as it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture. Various fun things can be done on a cardio day. For example, cycling, running, swimming, brisk walking, aerobics, and more.

Recovery Day

Recovery is necessary for rebuilding the muscles that you have worked out. On this day the body gets to rest and recover from the workout. However, this doesn’t mean you can laze around all day. A simple walk or some stretching exercises are recommended.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This day involves pushing yourself a little more than your limits. Practice a HIIT session of around 20-30 minutes once a week. This enables you to burn more calories during the workout and after the workout since the body works harder to come to rest as compared to other days. It can also lead to muscle gain and enhance the oxygen consumption of the body.

Strength Training

Day five is the same as day one. You can carry out the same exercises as day one or you can modify them accordingly.

Recovery Day

Take a dip in hot water if your muscles feel sore and use anti-inflammatory herbs to reduce inflammation if needed. Do light exercise to keep the blood flowing for active recovery.

Cardio Day

The last day of the week will be the same as day two. You can practice the same cardio exercise or switch it up if needed.

Weight Loss Cleanses: Do They Work?


The topic ‘weight loss’ can repeatedly be seen being pondered over, discussed, and researched upon for the benefit of one and all. Everyone wants to lose weight. Some opt for sustainable methods whilst some take refuge in crash diets and the likes. Various methods are being tried and tested to attain people’s desired goals. This article covers the role of weight loss cleanses in a person’s weight loss journey, what to expect from it and who should steer clear from it.

Lemonade diet

What Are Weight Loss Cleanses

Just as the name suggests, weight loss cleanses are yet another approach to attaining weight loss by cleansing or omitting certain types of food from your diet that may trigger weight gain. There is no hard and fast rule as to what needs to be included in a weight loss cleanse if one plans to go for it. Different types of cleanses are practiced by people to lose weight. The main factor which decides the formulation and opting of these cleanses are fat loss from specific body parts, weight loss and sometimes simply if the person is willing to rid the body of toxins or in other words detoxify the body of impurities. Weight loss cleanses give prompt results. However, happiness garnered thus is short-lived as it triggers rapid weight loss and the lost pounds may get right back into the body after a month or so.

Of the varieties of cleanses that people popularly opt for, one of the more sought-after forms is completely avoiding consumption of a particular type of food from your diet. Common food types that are avoided are:

  • Processed food
  • Junk or deep-fried food
  • Sugary treats and drinks
  • Soy
  • Dairy and dairy products
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Wheat

Other forms of cleanses include resorting to herbal cleanse supplements, adding specific types of teas to your diet, drinking herb infused-water, etc. Some people resort to specific exercise forms to attain this feat. Most weight loss cleanses are brief programs followed for short periods and often it does not facilitate long term weight loss or fat loss. However, before opting for a BioFit Probiotic weight loss cleanse program it would be wise to consult your nutritionist or garner more information from a health expert as to how much food needs to be omitted from your diet and for how long. Long-term and deliberate deprivation of specific nutrients from the body would do more harm than good so better to seek expert advice before opting for the same.

Benefits of Weight Loss Cleanses

A major requirement of weight loss cleansing programs that is worth mentioning is the fact that they promote healthy foods to be included in one’s diet and the omission of unhealthy foods that may trigger weight gain. Most cleansing programs encourage the consumption of whole foods inclusive of specific meals which are rich in nutrients, low in calories, and is good for the overall health of the person. Some studies have shown specific weight loss cleanses to reduce fasting blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes whereas others have shown to promote a healthy heart. It is also a widely known fact that weight loss does improve a person’s overall health and weight loss cleanses do assist in this regard. They work as a motivating factor that encourages people to stick to a healthy weight.

Although it may seem a bit taxing initially to restrict certain types of food completely whilst the program lasts but once the person gets a gist of the general wellness that one feels owing to the program, sticking to the plan seems like a breeze. Slowly, not only do weight loss cleanses assist the person to achieve their weight loss goal but it also helps the person to get rid of frequent hunger pangs as well as reduce cravings and binge-eating habits. Weight loss cleanses also help to treat minor digestive issues like bloating, flatulence, acidity, etc that commonly arise due to unhealthy food habits

Common Types of Weight Loss Cleanses

Let us take a look at some popular cleanses that people tend to go for.

  1. Juice cleanses – as the name suggests, this program requires the person to consume only specific types of vegetable and fruit juices and to completely avoid consumption of all other types of food from one’s diet. Normally this program lasts for up to 7 days.
  2. Green Smoothie cleanse – this program lasts for 10 days and calls for the person to consume smoothies made out of fruits and vegetables and to completely restrict the diet from all other forms of food except vegetables rich in starch.
  3. Lemonade diet – this cleanse is referred to as the master cleanse and lasts for a period of 10 days. The only food allowed during this time is water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
  4. Whole 30 – this variety of weight loss cleanse calls for the person to strictly adhere to dietary modifications for 30 days. Lean proteins, fruits and vegetables can be consumed in abundance. However, during this period dairy, sugar, legumes, alcohol, etc should be completely avoided

Negative Effects of Weight Loss Cleanses

Although weight loss cleanses do garner positive results in terms of short-term weight loss, one must not overlook the negative impacts it may have on some people. It is important to remember that weight loss cleanses don’t have scientific backing so health experts don’t usually recommend this method for someone who is looking to lose weight healthily. Also, these cleanse promote rapid weight loss in very short periods so it may harm the body in ways more than one. Dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, and the formation of gallstones have been some of the most commonly reported adverse effects of weight loss cleanses. Also, in some people, it could give rise to eating disorders as they may take a liking to this method of rapid weight loss. Such disorders can disrupt a person’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Those with underlying health conditions and chronic health diseases should indulge in a thorough discussion with their doctor before they opt for any weight loss plan especially the likes of weight loss cleanses.

Things To Remember

Before deciding to go for any weight loss plan it is good to make some notes to prepare one’s mind and body for the same to garner best results. Listed below are some of those:

  • Ask yourself if embarking on this journey is for health reasons or to simply look thin physically. If your answer is ‘yes’ for the former then you are on the right track.
  • Make a list of diet programs that suits your lifestyle and pocket, and short-list what may best work for you and your bodily needs.
  • Speak to your doctor or consult a nutritionist in order to play it safe.
  • Make a list of ingredients you may need to stick to as part of the program and stock up on the pantry.
  • Try to stick to a sensible weight loss plan so that it helps u in the long run.
  • Make sure it does not interfere with your medication in case you have existing health issues.
  • Focus on your goal.
  • Measure your success with the plan only once you have completed the time needed to finish it.
  • No matter which plans you opt for include daily exercises as part of your day’s routine


If someone is looking to lose weight sustainably and healthily then weight loss cleanses may not be the right choice for you. However, occasionally if you are desperate to lose some pounds to fit into your favorite clothes to wear to an occasion then it is alright to go for these cleanses so long as you don’t have any underlying health issues. Just make sure you don’t get used to this idea in the long run as it may harm your body as discussed above. Be it weight loss or fat loss, it is best to stick to a realistic approach to garner sensible results.

Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss

Unhealthy weight gain is the leading factor that gives rise to many health woes. In our quest to explore and eat delicious food, one forgets the importance of eating healthy. Every other person we know today is a food blogger in this age of social-media dependence and many youngsters as well as adults fall prey to the food habits promoted by them, who are often mistaken for nutritionists and health experts. Some of them do caution us to eat healthily but temptations cannot be overlooked. This, coupled with our tendency of lethargy with little to no physical activity creates havoc in our lives. This article covers weight gain and how resorting to the Oatmeal Diet plan is beneficial to us, weighing the pros and cons to give us a better idea about it.


Common Reasons For Unintentional Weight Gain

Most of our health issues are directly or indirectly attributed to being overweight. Let us take a look at some common factors that lead to unhealthy weight gain:

  • Processed food is a major culprit that contributes to a steady and unhealthy weight gain as they are loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, chemical preservatives, too much salt, etc that do more harm than good.
  • Another major contributing factor to unhealthy weight gain is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise, laziness, procrastination, excuses, low self-esteem all define a person that embraces such a lifestyle. Binge-watching television, being glued to one’s phone, etc all are hobbies, the sooner one quits the better.
  • As per, lack of sleep or neglecting an uninterrupted night-long sleep wreaks havoc to our physical health, mental health and contributes to unhealthy weight gain as well! Our metabolic functions get disrupted owing to this.
  • Getting worked up or stressed leads to many health issues. The stress hormone cortisol increases hunger pangs in people and an irresistible desire to binge eat takes over one’s mind, adding to calories and unhealthy weight gain.
  • Not being mindful of what and how much one eats is another contributing factor to weight gain. We tend to eat more of what appeases our palette ignoring wholesome, nutritious food. This undoubtedly adds to weight gain.
  • Underlying health conditions like diabetes, eating disorders, hypothyroidism, depressions, PCOS, etc tend to make people gain weight. Certain medicines also cause weight gain as a side-effect.

What Is The Oatmeal Diet

As the name suggests, the oatmeal diet primarily calls for people resorting to this diet plan to consume oatmeal for weight to attain their weight loss goals. Normally people consume oats as a breakfast option but in the oatmeal diet at least 2 meals of the day should consist of oatmeal as the main dish. Oatmeal is basically prepared from dry oats which has various health benefits. The recommended serving size per individual per meal is half a cup of oatmeal. Oatmeal in itself is bland and tasteless but by adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom, some cut fruits or boiled vegetables, etc. one can enhance the flavors and enjoy the meal. Low-fat yogurt, skimmed milk, etc. can also be consumed alongside oatmeal in case one feels hungry. Oatmeal can be prepared and consumed in both sweet and savory forms but be careful, those who prefer it sweet should opt for natural sweetening agents like honey, jaggery, etc. or the purpose of the diet may be lost.

There are 2 common ways in which this diet plan can be followed:

  1. In the first stage, oatmeal is cooked and consumed in its whole-grain form as the main dish in all 3 meals throughout the day. This should be continued for a week. Instant oats should not be used in this plan. Fruits and vegetables of your choice can be added to the oatmeal. After the 1st week, oatmeal should be consumed as the main course in 2 meals during the day and for the third meal, you can go for any healthy, low-calorie meal option of your choice. In this 2nd stage, you can add up on fruits and vegetable intake as well as can use instant oats to prepare your oatmeal.
  2. The other type of the oatmeal diet calls for 2 main meals of the day to consist of oatmeal to be followed for 6 days. Followed by the 7th day consisting of any low-calorie but nutritious meals that need to be consumed. And then to get back to consuming oatmeal the next day.

In both the above options, the third meal can consist of chicken preferably grilled or boiled, lean steak small portion, or grilled fish, with some vegetable fries like that of carrots or zucchini, etc. followed by low-fat fruit yogurt or fruits drizzled with honey as a dessert option.

Pros And Cons Of Oatmeal Diet

Let us round up the pros of the Oatmeal Diet:

  • This diet is highly nutritious as whole grain oats are rich in fiber, consist of proteins, and has zero sugars which is the most preferred choice for weight loss.
  • Oats constitute calcium and iron both of which are beneficial to the body.
  • Oatmeal makes one feel fuller for longer periods and helps to get rid of frequent hunger pangs.
  • Oatmeal is a versatile meal option. Add fruits or vegetables to make the meal seem heavy but with healthy additions.
  • They can be cooked in water, low-fat milk, or adding a little of both and can be consumed both sweet and savory.
  • It is very low in calories contains only about 1.5 grams of fat
  • Oatmeal helps to lower blood pressure and is heart-healthy.
  • Oatmeal promotes better digestion
  • Oatmeal curbs colorectal cancer
  • It is easy to prepare and hardly takes any time or effort.
  • Oatmeal can be consumed hot or cold and can be prepared in advance for ease and timely consumption.
  • Oatmeal is a cheap product so this diet plan goes easy on one’s pocket.
  • Owing to its long shelf-life oats can be bought in larger quantities and stored.

Some cons of the oatmeal diet to keep an eye out for:

  • Oatmeal is very low in calories so be wary of following this diet for prolonged periods as it may reduce nutrition within the body to unhealthy levels.
  • Some people find the repetition of oatmeal as the main dish taxing, so there is a tendency for people to unfollow this diet after a while owing to its monotonous nature. This will hinder the weight loss process.
  • The oatmeal diet is a restrictive diet so the lack of being able to explore more food options to please one’s palate may tend to seem boring to some people and this also may discourage them from continuing the diet plan.
  • Those with underlying health conditions need to strictly consult a doctor before they opt for this dieting method since it is extremely low in calories. For this reason, most doctors don’t approve of this diet.
  • It is a fad diet and encourages crash dieting which is not too beneficial to the body. The lost kgs may get right back into the body once the diet program is stopped in case the person resorts to careless eating once again.


One would be surprised to know that certain factors which one deems harmless may contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Resorting to diet plans like the oatmeal diet is a safer bet at losing weight but unless there is some form of physical exercise involved coupled with healthy sleep patterns, no magical outcome can come out of any diet plan. One should at all times be mindful of what they eat. Only then can any diet plan grant the desired weight loss result.

The Unbearable Weight Of Diet Culture

For several generations now, we have all been drilled with this one single and mundane notion of there is a very “right” way of eating if you want to achieve a body that is very healthy and attractive. And we are also told that having a body as such will help us lead a much more fulfilling and meaningful life. The reality of this however is of a completely different tone, isn’t it?

Intermittent Fasting

And in at least a decade or so the word “diet culture” has been in the spotlight forever, isn’t it? And what time of every year does it trend the most? It is certainly at the dawn of the New Year! This is when every other person around us including us want to take earnest pledges to tone, shrink, chisel, or in general, alter our bodies. And this previous year of 2020, owing to the breakout of the novel coronavirus, we saw an even more increase in the number of people taking to following a certain specific type of diet to up their immunity game. Some did achieve their body goals, but some simply couldn’t, and this led them to begin eating even more and puff their bodies with all things harmful and bad in the long run. So, all we’re trying to say by mentioning so much is that you need to just stop now and wait right there!

We truly think that you need to firstly, “Detox our bodies from all the bad choices that we made” This whole concept or the language simply implies that our body has been poisoned by latkes, cookies, eggnog, etc. and that there is an urgent need to administer an antidote! Most of us step on the bandwagon of diet only to cheat on it and say that “Oh! I’ll make up for the cheese board I’m sharing with friends now” or “I’ll burn off the calories I’ll be gaining on because of this” We think that diet culture is all of this—it is about following a diet, talking about cheating on it only to be left with a much more damaged health and body and this is so intricately woven into our culture that most of us just fail to be consciously aware of this! Let’s dig a little deeper into this “diet culture” that the world has been following and gain consciousness over the same as well.

So, What Exactly Is Diet Culture?

Diet culture has so many facets and definitions, but if you ask us in a nutshell as to what it would mean, then we’ll tell you to consider it as a set of beliefs that holds thinness as the God and then equates it with health and moral values. And this dear reader has become a very dominant culture in today’s time. It’s just that we fail to notice as it is almost like the water we swim in!

Diet culture is this lens through which we view health, beauty, and our bodies. It is a lens that colors out the way we need to look and feel through our bodies—it is highly intriguing! And in this world of diet culture, people are given this special status of their bodies are thinner, eat always the right things, they are considered to have the correct will power and the right attitude to lead a healthy life.

All this being said, did you know that the success rate of diet stories is just 2% and that the remaining 98% of the stories are all about failed attempts? Considering this, there is no way that you can say a body is healthy only if it has undergone any weight loss! And there is an anti-diet movement that has been formed whose aim is to urge the people out there to question, examine, and ultimately say “no” to diet culture. This is what has given rise to the “body positivity” movement which is trending on all social media forums right now! People have started boycotting the before and after transformation pictures that used to trend once upon a time on social media. The problem here isn’t about following a particular diet, it is about the various choices that diet culture pops in our lives which seem like the right choices we are taking towards a healthy lifestyle but in reality, they are nothing but the wrong choices!

Here Are Some Examples Of Diet Culture

Have you seen how every man and woman end up adoring the Barbie figure? And how most people think that when a woman’s thighs touch each other, they are not healthy or attractive? And oh wait, have you wondered why companies that sell shapewear never go on a loss? These are all nothing but different examples of diet culture. It is in the very essence of diet culture that seed into us the thought that when you feel hungry, instead of feeding the body with much-needed food, we need to push the hunger away by drinking a no-calorie glass of some liquid. We are asked to believe that our body isn’t really hungry and that it’s just a sign of thirst that our body is going through. Have we ever woken up, looked into the mirror told ourselves that we love our body, we love our skin? In fact, we feel horrid at the sight of ourselves in the mirror and say things like let me start a diet to feel better!

What Is So Harmful About Diet Culture?

The anti-diet followers claim that diet culture harms each one of us who are unhappy with our bodies, more so among those of us who have a larger body frame. Here’s a look into some key issues that diet culture poses to each one of us:

  1. It Spreads Discrimination

A majority of us have some of the other childhood memory of being fat-shamed because of our weight, right? People are mocked and bullied because of their weight issues. And this discrimination concerning weight impacts accesses to some of the most important things in one’s life—right from finding a partner in life to getting a well-deserved job. It is extremely difficult for a person who is fat to live a happy and fruitful life in the diet-driven society of today!

  1. It Fuels Businesses To Make Money By Cheating You Off

Americans spend thousands of dollars into attaining the results that diet culture promotes every single year. The weight loss market in America seems to be growing by several notches with every passing day, forget about a year.

  1. It’s A Stage To Make You Feel Like A Complete Failure

If you try and understand a diet on scientific terms, then weight loss diets just don’t work out practically! There is a lack of research or let’s say no research at all that shows any particular diet style or product that promises weight loss 100%. Had there been an existence of any such thing, we all would have been notified about it by now, isn’t it? This is precisely why research claims that 98% of diets in the world today have recorded that many percentages of failure.

  1. It Distracts Us From The Actual Societal Issues Around Us

The individual culture that we all belong to dictates that if we are not thin it is not just a fault in our body but it is a fault as a human as well. Diet culture preaches that we eat those pre-workouts and post-workout drinks and means to get out of the larger frame when it comes to our body first stop however, it does not pay attention to all those societies and communities in our world which lack basic amenities like simple fresh fruits first stop

  1. It Normalizes The Norms Of Disorder Eating

You see, disordered eating is a medical condition. Disorder eating isn’t a condition in you just because you are fat or you have a larger body frame first stop disorder eating is in fact more related to a mental health condition. So, what diet culture says is that if you are someone who has extra weight and is meant to lose weight, then you fall under the category of people who have the disordered eating condition.

How Does One Resist Diet Culture?

Diet culture is nothing but fostering a way of toxic lifestyle amongst us first stop if you want to stay away from getting into diet culture, you will have to continue to pay heat to intuitive eating and also consider looking into health at every size of your body not just when you have gained weight or if you are fat. Never rain at the modifying structure of your body instead aim at transforming your body into a healthy body irrespective of its size and shape.  

The 411 on BlueChew

Erectile Dysfunction is more common than one can imagine. There are many different causes of ED that includes physical, psychological and emotional factors. But, not everyone is comfortable seeking treatment. Apart from the different misconception regarding ED, many men are embarrassed to talk about it to their partners or their doctors. The physical condition then gives way to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders making the condition worse.

If you have been looking for a male enhancer product online, one of the products you are most likely to come across is BlueChew. It has gained popularity among men because of its quick, simple and convenient ordering process. The medications offered through the service are Tadalafil and Sildenafil and are considered to be effective to ease ED symptoms. If you are curious to know what BlueChew is and if it is any good, read on.

What is BlueChew?

To help prevent men from going through these, a team of entrepreneurs has designed a service called BlueChew that can greatly help men with ED. BlueChew is an online service offering a monthly supply of chewable medications to men who want to improve their sex life and get rid of ED. The company behind this unique service believes that the medical facilities in the US are becoming outdated. People have to wait for long hours and sometimes even days to get proper assessment and prescription for their ED problems. Even then, men have to go through the embarrassment to schedule an appointment with the doctor at their clinics as there is little discretion. BlueChew connects men with erectile dysfunction directly with medical experts to get a quick assessment of their problems and to get prescription for their condition. The pills can be ordered online. BlueChew aims to offer an alternative to men look to seek ED treatment but without the need to meet with a doctor and then purchase medications from a drug store.


BlueChew Sildenafil vs. Tadalafil

The two medications offered by BlueChew are Sildenafil and Tadalafil, and there is quite a major difference between them. Sildenafil is the main ingredient in widely used ED medication ‘Viagra’. The main function of the ingredient is to help men achieve stronger erection and sustain it for longer for satisfying sexual intercourse. Its effects last for about 4-6 hours, allowing you to make full use of its hardening effects. Sildenafil also serves a number of other secondary functions such as to treat depression, increase sexual appetite, enhance stamina and others.

Tadalafil is the main ingredient that is also widely used in another ED medication called Cialis. Even though it is similar to Sildenafil and help increase blood flow to the penis, it remains in the body for much longer than Sildenafil. It will remain in your system for about 24-36 hours. It is best for those looking to move at their own pace. Tadalafil is also effective for men with prostate or bladder problem.

How Does BlueChew Work?

The main purpose of BlueChew is to offer medication for erectile dysfunction available to men without any embarrassment of consulting with a doctor face-to-face. To order the medications, all one needs to do is fill a medical questionnaire on the website. A certified health practitioner will review all the answers, and if you are a good candidate for the prescription, you will be provided with a prescription (most of the time within a 24 hour period). Once you receive the prescription, you need to pick a plan that would be best for you. There are two different medications to choose from – Sildenafil and Tadalafil. You also need to decide the number of pills you would need in a month. Once the payment is processed, you receive your medication in a discreet package. You can keep the subscription, and you will keep on receiving the BlueChew packaging till you decide to stop it. You can cancel the subscription any day you want.

BlueChew is not like any other ED medicines; it is in a chewable form making it more effective for men as it is easy to digest. The moment men take medicine, it immediately shows results.

How Much Does BlueChew Cost?

As mentioned above, BlueChew offers two prescription medications – Sildenafil and Tadalafil. You can purchase the plan directly from their website The price of each depends on the number of pills and the dosage you order every month. The price ranges anywhere from $20 to $120.


DosageNo. of ChewablePrice
30 mg6$20
45 mg6$30


DosageNo. of ChewablePrice
6 mg4$20
9 mg4$30

The company also offers a free trial that would allow you to test the products and know if it is right for you.


  • No need for in-person consultation needed
  • Medication packed in a discreet package
  • Ingredients are FDA approved
  • Chewable rather than to be taken with water
  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • Much cheaper than other ED medications
  • Kicks in Fast
  • Made in the USA


  • Payment needs to be made online
  • Available only in a few countries
  • They do not accept health insurance

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no major side effects to taking the medications. Some minor side effects that a few men have reported in their initial days include –

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Runny nose
  • Upset stomach
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea

However, these issues might have been due to other medications or combining pills with alcohol or drugs. If you happen to experience any of the side effects, it is best to consult with your doctor immediately. Also, if you have any serious health condition such as diabetes, hypertension or any other diseases, speak to your doctor before you start these medications.

Who is BlueChew for and Who Should Avoid It?

If it is getting difficult for you to enjoy sex or you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, BlueChew might be essential for you. Not just older men, but even younger men with sexual dysfunction can use it. It is a great service to subscribe to that can increase your sexual performance and even save your relationship with your spouse. For safety, men with conditions in the liver, heart or kidney should avoid it. If you are not sure, it is best to talk to your doctor. Taking it, excessively can lead to unwanted issues so one must take only what is prescribed.

Key Takeaways

BlueChew allows men to get access to effective and affordable treatments for erectile dysfunction or just to boost their libido. If you live in the United States or any other country where the company ships its products, you should definitely give it a try. The chewable tablets make it quite convenient to use and also work quite quickly than pills. The free trial offered by the company makes it easier for you to decide if it is beneficial for you in any way. The medication has helped plenty of men out there improve their sex life. Since every man is different, there is no guarantee that the medication will solve ED. But, the reviews of BlueChew have proved that it can greatly improve sex life for most men who have used it.

Intermittent Fasting Offers Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

Bygone are times when people spoke of diets and workouts for the sole purpose of losing weight alone to resemble magazine models. The current smarter generation, being equipped with the knowledge to match, is gripped with the need to become the best version of themselves where more than weight loss itself, healthy weight loss is prioritized upon, and in the process, they want to ensure their overall health improves. Various new-age methods have been adopted to suffice the same where intermittent fasting seems to have won the hearts of the majority of fitness enthusiasts. This article will cover in-depth why intermittent fasting is preferred over other weight loss plans and the various health benefits it has in store.

Intermittent Fasting

What Is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, as the name suggests, is a method of fasting where people are required to fast and eat; repeat the same and continue the process in a similar alternating manner. Extensive studies have been conducted to show the various health benefits that intermittent fasting provides. Apart from assisting in weight loss, intermittent fasting is said to enhance metabolism, provide the body the protection it needs to fight diseases, uplift mood, improve one’s energy level and increase longevity by following a disciplined lifestyle. Mainly based on when you are required to eat, intermittent fasting is easy to follow provided one is determined, dedicated and consistent. The interesting thing about intermittent fasting is that it does not impose any food restrictions as such. Health experts claim that people involuntarily anyway fast daily and this happens when they are asleep. All that intermittent fasting calls for is to fast slightly longer comparatively. There are various types of this fasting method that one can adopt depending on factors like health requirements, convenience, gender, etc. A point to bear in mind is to avoid eating completely whilst fasting and to load up on nutritious food when not fasting. Of the various types, 16/8 method is most preferred where you fast for a 16-hourly period and then eat for 8 straight hours. Other forms are 5:2 fasting, time-restricted fasting, eat-stop-eat, overnight fasting and others.

Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Just as our mind and body need rest for self-rejuvenation, so does the metabolic system inside of our body. Many a time people tend to overeat which creates havoc within our bodies unseen to the eye. This is where practices like fasting can come in our favor in immeasurable ways. Intermittent fasting specifically holds significance in this regard. Not only does it assist in weight loss but it also provides the body with various other benefits. Let us take a look at some of those:

  1. Blood sugar control – intermittent fasting helps to improve the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. Many studies have been conducted on the subject to substantiate this claim. Upon calculating the calorie intake of some sugar patients, researchers made them eat for 6 hours straight, with fasting for the remaining hours, for 5 weeks, and found that there was no spike in the blood sugar levels of those people and instead the readings significantly improved.
  2. Better blood pressure readings – for years studies have proved that those who fast for religious purposes have always had healthier hearts as compared to those who don’t fast at all. This automatically led to the belief that practicing intermittent fasting would garner similar results. In the majority of cases with people who followed intermittent fasting, the blood pressure readings garnered satisfactory results. However, it is best to avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc for the best results.
  3. Improved Metabolism – our bodies are naturally equipped with organs and internal parts that help us withstand extreme conditions of drought and food scarcity. So, fasting for a few good hours would do us no harm, provided during the non-fasting period we provide our body with nutritious meals as and when required. Fasting shifts our body’s natural metabolism sufficing the body to withstand the period lacking in food and water. During fasting, when the body lacks in carbohydrates, stored fatty acids and ketones within take their place giving rise to ketosis which in turn efficiently produces the energy the body requires to function. In this manner, fasting helps assist metabolism even in the absence of food.
  4. Reduces inflammation – regular and continuous eating causes the body to function without a break leading to a spike in heart diseases and diabetes. Fasting, however, gives the body time to rest to self-repair the cells which reduce the risk of diabetes, improves heart health and thus results in a significant reduction of inflammation. Several studies have been conducted to back this claim.
  5. Better cholesterol readings – fasting can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our body also known as LDL. Spike in LDL levels can lead to various diseases so it is important to keep our cholesterol levels under control. In this regard, intermittent fasting can be beneficial to those suffering from high cholesterol issues.
  6. Improved brain health – during fasting, when the body is in the state of ketosis, the protein responsible for the health and sustenance of neurons gets stimulated which in turn improves memory power. Neurons are in charge of transmitting nerve impulses so fasting helps enhance this process. Studies conducted on both animals and humans have substantiated this finding. Verbal memory, ability to think, better decision making are certain areas that showed improvement as a result of fasting.
  7. Intermittent fasting has shown a multiplication in growth hormones for up to 5 times its normal count. This in turn promotes muscle gain and fat loss. It also increases the production of the fat-burning hormone called norepinephrine.

Who Should Refrain From Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not designed for everyone to follow as a means for weight loss and to reap other health benefits. Some people who should refrain from this form of fasting are as follows:

  • Those with eating disorders are better off refraining from intermittent fasting, especially those used to binge eating or have bulimia. This is because intermittent fasting calls for following a disciplined diet which may not be possible for the aforementioned set of people. And thus it may cause more harm than good.
  • Those having type 1 diabetes and suffering from chronic health issues(like cancer) are better off refraining from intermittent fasting to avoid adverse health issues.
  • Pregnant women are advised by health experts to not follow intermittent fasting as they need to continuously supply nutrients not only to the baby but to themselves as well. So, eating often is important and fasting during pregnancy is never a good idea.
  • Sportspeople who are undergoing strenuous training sessions need to refrain from intermittent fasting as they need high levels of energy to perform well. Therefore, adequate nutrient intake is essential often in smaller portions, and hence fasting is not a wise choice for them to achieve goals.


Intermittent fasting is a sure shot solution to get rid of those flabs and conquer your weight goals. The countless other health benefits that one can reap by following this healthy fasting method comes by as a boon no doubt. But before blindly following any weight loss routine, always make it a point to speak to your doctor to ensure the chosen method poses no other health risk. Especially those with underlying health conditions need to practice more caution than the rest. And once the doctor gives the green signal know that you are on the right track as long as consistency is made the key to unlocking the fitness goals of your dreams.

Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress

There’s not a single person on this planet earth who hasn’t felt the heat of stress, isn’t it? Stress has reached the level that it has become a universal experience for each one of us. Everybody gets stressed out and many think it’s a very normal part of their life as well; However, this shouldn’t be the case! Okay, you are undergoing some stress but it doesn’t mean that you have to find a way to deal with it. The competitive world that we live in, the deadlines that we need to meet, the traveling in traffic, the stress of paying your bills, buying groceries, raising your kids, battling that extra bubbles, meal planning — all of these scream stress! According to statistics, in the United States of America alone every seven adults out of ten report that they feel some kind of stress all the other daily. You see, different people have different stressors; this is something that once it starts negatively affecting us the person will feel it very hard to put an end to it. Some people often stress over the tiniest of things while others have a lot of tolerance towards stress. Regardless, it is something that can definitely take a toll on both physical and mental health if it isn’t handled on time. This is where the need for stress management comes into the picture and one should never click its importance in today’s life. Let’s just face it, stress is something that not just affects the brain but it has so many connections with your entire body. For some, stress has the capability of manifesting anger, exhaustion, sadness, mood swings, panic attacks, insomnia, and many such things. The key to assisting or manage stress is directly linked with learning certain skills that help you cope with stress and also raises those endorphins in your brain that will help counteract feelings of stress.

Dealing With Stress

If stress knocks at your door that doesn’t mean you have to deal with that! There exist several techniques, therapies, and activities that help relieve stress. Out of them, exercise is what has proven to be the most beneficial and natural way of reducing stress. Of course, you must be wondering why physical activity alone, right? This is because physical activity has the capability of producing the cortisol levels of the human body; for those who don’t know cortisol is nothing but our body’s stress hormone. And if we get active and break a sweat, our body will produce endorphins that will help our mind and body to relax. When you do this, you will be sleeping better, you will have a clearer mind, and you will also enjoy an improved mood. While studies say that any exercise has the capability of reducing stress, we did a bit of research and I wanted to introduce you to our favorite exercises that will specifically act in connecting your mind and body whilst promoting instant well-being and feelings of calmness. The following exercises will provide you with a good workout session for your body and will also help you relax and feel therapeutic. Read on and pick your favorite from our favorites.



How it works to cut down the stress: Yoga is a very popular form of mind-body practice that helps in bringing physical and mental disciplines together which helps you relax and also increase your physical flexibility and strength. Yoga is considered to be a form of strength training that makes one more flexible and resilient and this in turn relieves all the physical and mental tension from the body. Yoga makes use of deep breathing and this specifically triggers the human body’s relaxation. Several studies show how yoga can help in reducing one’s stress, it also lowers heart rate and blood pressure levels. Anybody belonging to any age or any kind of fitness level can participate and practice yoga and also benefit from it. There is this disbelief that one has to be strong and flexible to get the yoga mat, however, this isn’t true! In the world of yoga, there exist several different styles, intensities, and forms of yoga and its posters that anybody can find their fit and begin with.

How to do it: There are yoga classes that appeal to all ranges of ages, fitness levels, and temperament which are bound to certain gyms, fitness studios, and even certain community colleges. Find the one nearest to you and get enrolled for yoga. Certain classes like Hatha, are considered to be gentler and tend to focus mainly on stress reduction. You can also practice yoga in the comfort of your home if you find a good online yoga teacher.


How it works to cut down the stress: Pilates can be considered as a group of exercises that emphasize body awareness, proper alignment, and core strength. Its fitness system is made to strengthen muscles, flexibility, and improve body posture while laying focus on mental awareness. Certain studies have proved that Pilates helps in relieving both anxiety and stress symptoms. Doing Pilates will release tension from the muscles and Pilates exercises are performed by emphasizing breathing techniques that will help boost oxygen levels to your brain, and this, in turn, will make you feel calm.

How to do it: A machine called the reformer is used generally to perform Pilates and this is available in Pilates studios. Or one can also perform Pilates on the mat on the floor. Get enrolled in the nearest Pilates studio or follow online tutorials that will help you learn Pilates as a beginner.

Tai Chi

How it works to cut down the stress: This is an ancient martial art form derived from the Chinese and it is very non-competitive. It is known to link every physical movement with breath. Another name for tai chi is meditation in motion – it helps in mental absorption which helps everyday worries disperse away. Tai chi has become very popular because of its health benefits that it provides which are very effective both on body and mind. Just like yoga, there are different forms and styles of Tai Chi. There are tai chi health institutes that have proven how tired she improves flexibility, muscular strength, immunity, and also helps in relieving mental pain and achieve serenity and a sense of peace.

How to do it: Tai Chi is generally comprised of hundred-odd gentle and fluid movements that link with every breath that you take. There are many wellness centers, community colleges that offer classes in tai chi.


How it works to cut down the stress: we all look at dancing as a very happy activity to indulge in, isn’t it? Dancing has several mental, emotional, and physical benefits as well. It’s a very great form of workout that not just improves the grace of a body but also its agility as our heart rate races. As much as dancing seems to be fun it is also very stress relieving; it provides this outlet for a person to undergo self-expression and indulge in some creativity. It helps to build confidence in a person and also the ability to express emotions in a safe environment which is very essential for mental health. Also, getting Ruby will help you in weight loss, improve heart health, strengthen bones, and build muscles as well.

How to do it: Zumba, salsa, ballroom dancing, or Square – pick what excites you! You can always find a dance studio or a community center in your vicinity and get enrolled there. Dancing helps lower stress levels and give you happiness. All that you need for dancing is just a comfortable pair of shoes.


How it works to cut down the stress: Gardening is considered to be a very low impact workout, so let’s get our hands dirty, shall we? For many, gardening might just be a hobby, but in reality, it is also a workout for them. If you are just reading alone, you end up burning 200 cal in one hour and if you indulge in more strenuous activities like hauling bags of dirt, you will shed up to 600 calories in one hour. Gardening helps you connect with the earth and refreshes your spirit from within. Studies show that gardening directs you to a very positive mood and promotes relief from any form of acute stress that you’re facing.

How to do it: We would ask you to start small, even by planting just one or maybe to her plants will increase your connection to nature. If you feel more ambitious towards gardening then invest in getting a beautiful garden set up at home.



Myth Busted: Exercising at Night Doesn’t Ruin Your Sleep

Exercise is and definitely should be an essential part of everyone’s life. Without exercise, people’s health suffers tremendous loss and disadvantage and loses its flexibility and shape in really no time. That is why exercising is considered one of the unavoidable things in our life daily.

However, the most critical question that arises in young people today is when the most is an appropriate time for working out and exercising. Is it right to exercise at night or should compulsorily exercise in the morning? There is no confirmed or proved answer for this question as such. But, both day and night exercising gives equal benefits at their respective places.

The things that attract many people’s attention also create rumors and myths about the same. In the same way, even night exercising has many myths that are miles away from reality and practicality. These myths must not alter the mind and should not lend an ear; otherwise, they may significantly spoil your views and affect your life.

Exercising at Night

Popular Myths related to night exercises

There are some very baseless but popular myths about exercising at night, and these myths sometimes make people change their decision about exercising at night. People very seriously consider these myths despite them being a waste of time and irrelevant.

Some of such myths can be listed as follows-

  • Night sweats may lead to insomnia:

It is a common perception that night sweats might cause insomnia conditions in people, which may increase to huge extents day-by-day. It is not the right thought because night sweats give more advantages to the people than disadvantages.

People who have insomnia can get enough and proper sleep if they are exercising before bedtime.

Night exercising, followed by a warm water bath, brings energy and activeness to people’s bodies and gives them long-lasting and deep sleep. So, it is indeed wrong to say that night exercising affects your sleep and gives you insomnia in people at any point.

  • Working out after dinner may cause vomiting:

Sometimes, people may start exercising in the night immediately after dinner, which may cause vomiting and uneasiness in them. It is the wrong way of night exercising, should be done after about 30-45 minutes of your dinner. It will keep equal pace with your health and will not cause you vomiting and other uneasiness in the body.

If you want to prevent vomiting conditions, you should have a tight dinner schedule, and they should not be disturbed at any cost. An adequate will help to avoid vomiting conditions even after excessive or vigorous exercises.

The above myths are totally irrelevant and far away from reality. That is why these myths should not be considered by you if you are entirely determined to work out at night instead of morning, and this makes you happy and fresh in the morning and gives you peaceful sleep in the night.

Benefits of Exercising at Night

The following are the benefits of exercising at night, and these benefits are also very appropriate and exact solutions for making your health well and make you stronger and fitter day-by-day-

  • Boosting Muscle Strength:

By performing night exercises, you will boost your muscles much more than you may while exercising in the daytime, as your muscles are strengthened and tightened throughout the day. Then they get incredibly relaxed while night exercising.

Muscle strength is a thing that provides energy and courage to you for performing well the whole day. That is why it is essential to do those exercises at night that will make your muscles relaxed and will help you to strengthen them to a great extent.

Boosting your muscle strength is easily possible for you at night time much more than it will happen in the daytime.

  • Improves your Focus:

When you burst the stress you face throughout the day by exercising at night, you will feel much relaxed and free and be fully ready to meet a new tomorrow with full energy and enthusiasm.

Your focus and attention will improve when you burst your stress and concentrate your whole focus on one thing and do it with full efforts and dedication. Your efforts will surely pay you off when you dedicate everything to the work you do.

You should try night exercising if you want to focus on your life and goals in a much better and improved way or manner.

  • Early wakeups without alarms:

When you get proper and stress-free sleep at night, you can focus on yourself much more throughout the next day, and this way, you can also sustain your energy all day long. With great enthusiasm and energy in your heart and mind at the end of the day, and while sleeping, you can wake up without any alarms and alerts. Your day will greatly freshen-up, and you will be very energetic and lively without any trouble in taking life happily and positively.

Your concerns and worries are not at all a barrier in your way to success and your goals.

  • Best stress-buster for a tough day:

Your stress will surely get thoroughly busted when you exercise at night, which is the essential benefit of night exercising. When it comes to making good social contact night exercising should be your top priority, especially if you are an introverted kind of person.

A few people do night exercising or gymming. That way, you will easily interact with those people and increase your communication and interaction skills significantly. Undoubtedly, exercising at night will be an excellent stress-buster for you and help you communicate to a much greater extent.

  • Healthy nightlife and healthy future:

When people get adequate sleep, they feel happy for the whole day and will also remain energetic for their entire life. With a fresh start, your every day will become essential and unique.

When the physical activity routine sets correctly, you will stay away from all the diseases and worries and lead a happy, stress-free, and successful life. A good nightlife always leads you to a better and bright future and releases all your stress and tensions. So, to get a prosperous and healthy life, you should try to set your schedule so that you can exercise at night daily and remain healthy and active all day long for sure.

The above benefits of exercises prove that your day will become much brighter and better when you exercise the previous night. To boost your energy and spirit, exercising at night can indeed prove to be the best solution for you throughout your life, and you will never regret this decision ever in your life.


The most important thing is to exercise regularly and maintain your health flow from time-to-time. Even if you exercise 2 hours-a-day, it is enough to make your body fitter and make you much more robust than before. A small regular exercise is much better than a vast but irregular activity.

Exercise must follow a schedule and stay regular, and you should keep a particular emphasis on what should be done by you to keep yourself in shape. All these things are a little challenging to be understood in the morning, and that is why night exercising has much more importance than daytime exercising.

Therefore, whether it is night exercising or day exercising, a regular schedule must be according to people’s comfort. Everyone should be alert about not missing their exercises at all. So, you should do all that it takes to keep yourself healthy and fit, whether at night or in the morning.


Endocannabinoid System and CBD: How it Works?

Nature offers a lot of herbs and plants that can benefit the human body. One needs to consume them in a way that can offer desired benefits keeping the side effects away. Cannabis also has lots of medicinal benefits if it is taken in the right manner. It can help one to have a calm nature and relaxed mind despite stressful situations, but one needs to use the same with utmost care.

The curiosity of people regarding CBD is rising day by day. The trend is breaking all records, but do you know how it works? Are you aware of the benefits and harms that CBD does to your body? If not, then you must read on and get to know in detail about the same.

CBD is not magic, but yes, it helps you get cured of several issues. Also, it is one of the latest researches and helps you with several benefits. It cures the body from the inside and lets you enjoy a good life without any stress and anxiety.  CBD is still not permitted in various countries, and there are several restrictions on the consumption of the same.

CBD oil

What is CBD?

Before we get into the discussion about the harmful effects and benefits of CBD on the body, let us first understand what exactly is CBD. It is known as Cannabidiol, which is extracted from the cannabis plant.

There are around 120 different types of these plants, and each one of them plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and extraction of CBD. It is also known as a non-psychotic compound. It means that you are not going to feel high even after consuming it in a good quantity.

Experts and researchers have come up with several theories to prove that CBD does wonders to the body. It offers you relaxation and calms the mind. It is beneficial in helping you treat insomnia and also helps you with skin problems. CBD has shown remarkable results in people suffering from UTI issues, and it is also said to have a good effect on erectile dysfunction problems.

Yes, one needs to keep in mind that it is not yet proven that the oil will give you similar results as every person is unique. It depends on how your body will react to the compound.

Now that you are aware of what is CBD let us move forward and understand the concept of the Endocannabinoid system.

What do you mean by the endocannabinoid system?

It is a complex biological system that works for the betterment of your body and keeps all the systems in working conditions. It also is connected to the brain receptors and gets affected the moment it gets stress signals from your brain.

The connection between CBD and endocannabinoid

The receptors, enzymes, and other sensory parts, when coming together, become a part of the endocannabinoid system. CBD helps in keeping this system in proper working order. It gets in contact with the receptors and heals them with its soothing properties. This makes the brain feel calm and composed. This is the reason that you can get to enjoy good quality sleep when you take CBD.

Every organ in our body is connected to the brain, and a little amount of stress can also make you fall prey to some deadly disease. CBD works along with the endocannabinoid system and helps you cure the stress levels. We all know that stress is the major cause for a number of diseases, and CBD is going to act as your guard for the same. Just make sure you talk to your doctor once before starting with the CBD consumption, and you will get to enjoy a healthy and safe life.

Effects of CBD on your body

Are you planning to take CBD and looking out for the benefits that it can offer? You have landed in the right place. Let us get to understand CBD in a detailed way.

It is suitable for medicinal use because of its non-psychoactive properties. CBD is also beneficial for anxiety, fatigue, depression, and physical disorders, in addition to treating various types of epilepsy. Study to support these arguments is also not missing, and the researchers have proved their facts and figures.

CBD for sleep disorders

CBD is known to heal people who have insomnia. It is not a medicine that will cure it to the core, but it has therapeutic properties that will help your body fall asleep. It relaxes the muscles and receptors of your brain and helps you enjoy a stress-free aura. CBD rejuvenates your senses and relaxes your organs making it easier for you to fall asleep. People who consume CBD regularly also said that they have developed patterns of sleep and can enjoy quality sleep throughout the day now.

CBD offers excellent results in anxiety

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, then you must keep in mind that CBD is going to help you recover quickly. All you need to do is to have a word with your doctor and get a green signal. CBD will make you feel relaxed after a long and tiring day at work and will give you a sigh of relief from anxiety and restlessness.

A cure for the ones who have depression

CBD is known to offer excellent results for the ones suffering from depression. It heals your mind and gives you a feeling of positivity all around. The stress levels get reduced, and you can enjoy the best feeling of light-heartedness.

Also, the way depression hits your life can be rectified by taking CBD regularly. You must not consider it as a magical medicine as it is not going to do wonders. It is a slow procedure that will cure you and offer you peace of the mind that you had always wanted in life.  

It gives you a healthy heart

CBD indirectly helps you enjoy a healthy life with a healthy heart. Once you are free from stress and anxiety, you can easily get rid of all the tensions in your life. Also, it is said that CBD shows excellent results in curing the blockage of the arteries. Though it does not work like medicine, it helps in the proper flow of blood.

Research and effects of CBD as per the experts

One research, for example, links CBD to reduced cardiac complications, such as heart attacks and stroke. Another brief research showed that a patient’s appetite declined with a dosage of the compound. Several researchers have found an association between CBD and PTSD therapy, such as bad memories, fears, and dreams. Some researchers have proved that it can bring back the sexual interest that you lost because of age or stress.

CBD and pain control

CBD also plays a big part in pain control. When the CBD affects the TRPV1, pain impulses are essentially blocked from affecting the rest of the body. It also brings relief from swelling and pain.

From where can you shop for CBD?

It is not at all a difficult task to find a shop that sells CBD if it is not illegal in your city. There are local stores that offer you the same, and if possible, then you can place an order for the same online too. Also, some pharmacies can provide you with products that have CBD in them.

All you need to take care of is that the quantity you take must not be too high. There are a lot of products available in the market that offer CBD, but it is always recommendable to take the safe ones. Also, you can speak to your doctor and get to know the exact amount that can be helpful for you.


CBD is one of a vast number of cannabinoids present in plants. The substance has many potential benefits, particularly stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, pain, and inflammation.

The United States does not control all facets of pure CBD on the federal level, even though it is widely known as secure. The government, for example, does not verify or authorize manufacturers’ pure ingredients. In the area of health arguments, the CBD sector is much obsolete in the science field.

The first step towards safe use is understanding what CBD does to the body. The compound is a feasible method of therapy, but it is uncertain whether it is only beneficial or has some adverse effects also.

Ways To Avoid – Getting Stressed Out At Home

The saying “home sweet home” cannot be true every time. Like any other place like an office or school, our home can also become a stress zone sometimes.

The stress at home can be due to many reasons like

  • A very noisy environment like living in the heart of a city
  • Personal problems like financial issues
  • Physical pains, broken relationship
  • Tiring household chores like doing a ton of laundry, cleaning the house, etc.

Although it appears as a simple discomfort, stress is not something that can be taken lightly. Many psychologists say that stress can be related to many psychological and physical problems. Stress and anxiety are some common things experienced by people. About 60 to 70 percent of people pass through mild to extreme stress conditions.


What is stress?

Stress is a common feeling of both emotional and physical tension. It can happen because of any incident or thought that could make you feel irritated, angry, and nervous, and tensed. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge you are facing. It can be emotional or physical. Stress can sometimes be positive also. For example, if you are stressed about the work you have to do, then it will help you to complete the work at the right time. But if the stress you are experiencing persists for a long time, then it can cause damage to your both mental and physical health. There are mainly two types of stress:

  • Chronic stress: This type of stress can persist for a long period. It can be there for about weeks or even months. This stress can be many like money problems, relationship problems, work problems, etc. The main issue with this type of stress is that you can get adapted to the problem and may not even realize you have stress. If not treated timely manner, it may have repercussions like suicidal thoughts or depression.
  • Acute stress: This is short term stress. It will be there for just a moment, and then it will fade away. The reasons for this stress can be a fight, falling, hitting the hands or legs somewhere, etc. It can also be considered as positive stress since it can help you to overcome the bad situation. Most people have acute stress one time or another.

Symptoms of stress

To recognize and understand that you have stressed is the initial step to manage stress. Your body is an emotional, physical, and behavioral way that indicates that you have stress. Some of the stress signs exhibited by the body are:

  • Emotional signs: difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, depression, feeling of emptiness, nightmares, negative feelings etc.
  • Physical signs: body pains and aches, rapid heartbeat and breathing, tiredness, nausea, headache, sweaty palms, trouble in speaking and concentrating, etc.
  • Behavioral signs: anger, impatience, social isolation, change in appetite, no interest in doing anything, boredom, getting demotivated easily, irritability, aggression, etc.

When stressed, the body will release hormones called stress hormones like cortisol. These hormones alert the center of the brain, increase the pulse, and make muscles tense. These are good for the body to cope up with the stress. Cortisol will increase the glucose in the blood, thereby enhances the brain’s utilization of glucose and increase the availability of substances that repairs the tissues. Too much stress can also cause skin problems, menstrual problems, and sexual problems also.

Tips to reduce stress at home

Some of the strategies you can use to avoid stress at home are:

  • Make your schedule less tight:  If you have made a schedule that includes too many tasks to do without any break, it can induce some stress. Try not to take too many projects or commitments all at once and try to prioritize.
  • Speak for yourself: In the house, there can be many issues from small to big. If you are feeling mistreated or used, stand for yourself. Express what you are feeling. If the works of the house are too burdensome for you, then speak it out. You can diplomatically express what you are feeling. It can help you to strengthen your self-esteem also.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people: You are lucky if you have a supportive family. Try to be around people with a positive attitude who can help and support you. Be close to people who were there for you through your thick and thin if you can help to give you a positive mind and can relieve your stress.
  • Try to be more organized: If there is a lot of work to do, and you do not know where to start, it can make you stressed. Making a to-do list helps you in this situation. Living an organized life not only helps you to overcome the stress but also help you to do everything more easily and effectively.
  • Always find time for fun and relaxing: Try not to spend half of the life running to do things you want to do. Find yourself time and space to relax and explore yourself. Taking a break between the jobs also make you more productive. You can do simple things like hearing music, cooking something you like, reading a book, playing with your pet, etc. It will help to enhance the emotional center of the brain and can make you happier.
  • Find your personal space: Being alone for some time in your personal space can help you explore and know yourself more. It does not mean you have to forget about your responsibilities. In addition to caring and look after others, self-care is also important. The personal space can be anywhere like a lounge or a chair in the balcony somewhere calm. Make yourself happy.
  • Select a stress management activity: Even though you have many things to do, find a way to do something that can decrease your stress, and calm you. If you have things to do, like cleaning the house, try to do it along with some music. It can make you less stressed and also help you to be more productive. If you are working at home, take some snacks along with you. You can also have some yoga sessions, gardening, etc.
  • Try to solve the problem: There will make some reasons that are making you stressed. Find that reason and try to solve it. For example, if the problem is financial, try to solve it by preparing a budget, increasing your saying, or finding other sources of income. Trying to solve the problem is always better than solving the symptoms.
  • Try to convert your home to a more peaceful place: The surrounding of the place where you are living can have an impact on your behavior. If it is a noisy region, then it can be very stressful. Try to avoid those places if you are dealing with stress issues. You can also transform your home to a peaceful environment by adding decors like plants, stones, paintings, etc. that can give a warm feeling.

Stress can be removed completely through proper caring and therapies. But you can also do something from your part to deal with stress. Our home is the only place where we can be ourselves. If you do not feel that the place you are living is not feeling like your home, it is very important to change it.